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so much misinformation going on. I am still going to stand by my recommendation of the dt990 as the crowned king of all-rounders. They are certainly excellent for rock and metal. And have an accurate and huge soundstage to boot. If you think the treble is going to be a bad thing, it's not. Its a detail monster while being accentuated and smooth. The mids are incredibly transparent but recessed. and the lows are deep, controlled, and punchy. I can't think of any better...
An amp surely would help the xb1000. I would say, around your price range, and if your eyeing the fiio e11, is to wait a bit for the fiio e12, which will release at $120 usd, and may get discounted. It comes with bass boost and mostly metal construction, along with tons of power (around 500mw into 32 ohms)
@smettmark         Your preliminary thoughts are spot on my friend. Grado's are, in my opinion, good for guitar infested music and that kind of music ONLY. And the biggest plus to he400s (though not over a grado ) is that they are quite easy to amp. I would say a fiio e10 would drive them jolly good.        @Rnich34 i'm not sure the discerning rock fan would allow the pink and beige bassless ad700 in his sights. Just sayin'
     If you want neutral, then I would go for the K701, but they are utterly terrible for rock, and the soundstage is unnaturally big. the hifiman he400 is slightly not neutral sounding and amazing but they may be too expensive for you. And the troll suggestion everytime the word rock/metal is mentioned is grado. If you're into SOUNDWALL ROCKOUT, then they're amazing. but the he400 lets you immerse yourself in the music and makes you feel like the band is playing just...
Beyerdynamic dt990 are much better for rock, metal and gaming, mostly due to a bigger soundstage and better, more resolving midrange, even though it is more recessed, and more bass to help with the kick drums and tthe bass guitar. You won't really notice that the mids are recessed unless you listen to something mid-forward IMO. Also, the dt880's are actually dark with a treble spike to my ears, and not that exciting . The DT880 more like a giant etymotic ER4.
It's 150$ over budget and discontinued, but the AKG K601 is absolutely amazing for studio monitoring, comfortable as kittens resting on your ears(although not as good as dt990 velour), and semi open (hope thats not a deal breaker) they also need an amp, but from what i hear, mixing boards and good interfaces have enough power for them.
     Any amp should just amplify the source with no change to the signal. In Mad Lust Envy's Gaming thread he said he amped the HE-4 with the schiit lyr chained to the astro mixamp just to play games with them.        The HD558 doesn't need an ultra hefty amp to sound good. I can recommend the the Fiio E17 at most, but if you plan on upgrading to higher impedance phones, The Fiio E09k works wonders with Even the 600 Ohm DT990 and DT880.
Looking at the 990 louver cups, they look like they could be replaced for a srh1840 type mesh to show off the driver and look infinitely cooler. Anyone have any insight on this kind of thing?
Classic Rock, hard rock, Alternative, prog rock, Hip hop, rap, electronic, oldies, jazz, and classical. There is definitely no perfect headphonefor all of them, but covering most of them would be great.
I'm in need of portable headphones under 100 bucks. I just need a good, detailed all-rounder, and metal construction is greatly appreciated or otherwise tank-like build quality.
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