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Does anyone here have a good recommendation for a more mid priced receiver (around 100 bucks average) for hifiman he400 and BIC DV64 tower speakers. I like neutral or slightly bright, and not warm and not cold. I've already ruled out all of marantz because they are simply too warm for my tastes.
Yeah, i know that the vintage receivers are no-frills items(I love that design philosophy), But I'm comparing these to things like All-Analog stereo receivers and not HT Recievers. I'm becoming convinced that vintage is the way to go, so what do you guys think would be the best reciever to go with Hifiman He-400s and BIC Dv64 Floorstanding Speakers? I like a neutral (Not Cold, not warm) sound with some brightness in the top end. Would the pioneer SX series fit my needs,...
     I wouldn't consider necro bumping this thread as a good practice, but I commend for not listening to your music so carelessly, and that you preserve your hearing. I'm in The top band in my school in 8th grade and playing in the marching band next year, but I have established a slight hatred of the percussion section. The people around where I live that may join the band to play percussion are the loud music-damaged hearing jock types. My Half-Deaf band director tells...
I find myself in the position of asking something in the audiophile no-no square, Objective measurements. Can someone give objective proof that receivers from the medieval times are better, Like THD%, S/N Ratio, material/durability, and all the other factors that add up to a great receiver?
 Thank you for your answer. I'm absolutely drooling over the he400s and the cup swapping really completes it for me. Beautiful and Great sounding at the same time.
I'm quite interested in cosmetically modding the he400 headphones. Is there any way i could get HE-6 outer cups and headband circle thingy with the model number on it? Is there anything with the cups that may sonically improve or lessen the sound quality? I hope I'm not overstepping the bounds of customer service though.
Overwhelming mids on a 990? Something is screwy with the world when a person gives the sentence "too much midrange"to a dt990.
Wow. the only thing holding me back from the ad700s now is that the bass probably still isn't very powerful. I'm very interested if these have at least hd598 bass and not the old tin can subwoofer sound. I would also like to add that the ad700's no longer look rediculously girly to me anymore.
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