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Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro are pretty Good. The sound makes it sound like a movie theater. It has quite a large soundstage just a bit less than the q701 and crazy bass for an open headphone. The bass is tight and controlled and never flabby.
For around 60 bucks (40 pounds) here in the U.S, you can get those three AKG models, and the akg k121,k141,and audio technica ath m30s. I don't know of much more, but if you pony up a tiny bit more cash, you can get the k240S, which is absolutely excellent for monitoring, and enjoyable listening.
Sounds like we have a dt880 competitor here
Showed my friend esw9A's and he thinks they look ugly. The Frikken ESW9A!  
Not headphones, but the 140 dollar RCA 5.1 HTIB. Oh my god, its so terrible i cant listen to it enough to tell whats wrong with it.
Ok. That makes It easier. I'm assuming since Sansui is Japanese, Sony will have a similar sound, or am I way off? I Need a bit of brightness because i'll be using some BIC DV64s and Hifiman He400, which are both warm sounding, and I Like my brightness but don't want to lose my 600 dollar Towers that i got for 200 bucks.
Also, would you happen to know the house sound for a number of the vintage brands like Sansui, Sony, Kenwood, Nikko, Onkyo, etc. ?
     Actually, scratch receivers, i cant seem to find a good one at all. Even the vintage receivers seem too gimmicky. I'm going for an integrated amp. All controls affect the sound, no useless antenna inputs(I use Pandora anyways), no double phono stage (who uses a dual turntable setup?) and way more aesthetically pleasing with all the brushed aluminum. I LOVE Brushed Anodized aluminum. It looks absolutely stunning when used in electronics.        So, with that...
     What do you say its key points are, treble clarity, Neutrality(as you mentioned),Clean Sound, low noise, Etc.? Anything smooth sounding is a big no-no. I despise smooth sound. It's only worth using if it sounds alive in my opinion. Not everything needs to be syrupy and liquid(I'm looking at YOU three HD-600, HD-558, and HD-650).
Yeah. I wish I was at your school then. The percussionists we have just don't care(except for one Good Seed). They never show up to concerts, always play when the director is talking, never watch the directors cues during performance, and overwhelm the band with their obnoxious,nasally, low end Evans drums with plastic snares. Half of our Trumpet section also doesn't care about band either(I'm the top trumpet player in the 8th grade band), but that's for a whole other...
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