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It's utter Bullsh*t. I could use my dv64 tower speakers and vintage integrated amp to do "live" sound too.   Or if you are referring to live recordings, still Bullsh*t.
This thread is too awesome to die. I'm going to compare headphones to cars with my experience defined by Gran Turismo 5   HD650 Silky Smooth and so effortless to drive. Sometime a bit too smooth and there is better in its class   DT990 Has many Vintage models, still produced today in some way/shape/form, and many people don't like it because it is sometimes unbearable for overly technical (trebly) courses.
  I'm gonna have to give you a +1 on that, because i'm not too lazy to maintain my stuff, and size doesn't really matter to me. The bigger the better I say.
I am going to warn you by saying that akg quality is taking a dive too. Lots of amazon reviews say that that their k240s are breaking left and right.
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll be using hifiman he400, which is isodynamic, thus damping factor does not really play a role, even if they are low impedance(35ohms)        Also, i do no think a resistor is a bad thing when lowering the power of the amplifier as long as it is of high quality and not cheapy chinese fake laptop stuff
If bass is not your highest priority, then a pair of active monitors would do quite well.        The mackie mr5mk2 is quite good for what it does, if not a little midbassy. You'll have some subbass, just not a lot of it, and there are ways to add a subwoofer easily. The polk psw10 is a very good active subwoofer for the price, and the complete package is about 340 bucks (260 euros) so it should come under budget and serve you well for a long time.
       I would say that vintage receivers like his technics model are excellent at driving headphones. Vintage receivers generally have much better sound quality than newer receivers, mostly because new receivers are checklist designed and not with sound in mind.      Of course he's going to use the headphone jack. I'd say that the dt880 pro would work very well out of his headphone jack, if not a little smoothed over treble. (just the technics house sound)
As long as it is the 250 ohm, i don't think that any receiver should have a problem with it. Get the dt880 pro over the premium. it has more bass and more clamp. I would say that the 880s are MORE comfy with the added clamp, and the headband is better.
     They are NOT beats electronics. They are a company that puts USER FRIENDLY DESIGN and SOUND first. Beats puts celebrity endorsements and "swag" first.
The Soundstage on the hd598 is huge, but it's the imaging that's the killer. If a headphone has Gigantic soundstage but poor imaging, they are going to be no good for gaming. I Can't Say the Dt990 has better imaging but the soundstage is a bit smaller, but the immersion gained from the added bass is worth it.
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