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At 500 dollars go for the smeggy thunderpants.
my dad still thinks headphone amps are to deafen yourself, and can't absorb the fact that mini speakers need their mini amplifiers.
alright, thanks for the info.
i have the same question as you and I was wondering of it would be bad to connect modern sources (DVD, PS3, PS2, XBOX) to the tape monitor input?
MLE, amping's effect on soundstage isn't some weird increase in soundstage, but its a decrease in crosstalk coming from the previous amplifier. That said, the NwAvGuy O2 is a very good amp for gaming, but, only true idiots would specialize amps for different audio applications.
yes it should. the gain button is there for very stubborn headphones like the 770/880/990 600 ohm, or the other hard to drive headphones.
6 mw into 50 ohms doesnt look promising to me.
i bet you found GLITCH3D.
Congratulations. You now have your first complete rig. Remember to find some traction before it is too late, as Head fi is a slippery slope.
It would be rca male to 3.5mm male. If you have a soundcard without rca ports would be 3.5mm male to 3.5 mm male
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