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Yup. I listen to Ephemeralrift a lot, even some of the weirder stuff. It certainly helps me sleep. If you listen to too much, you start to build a tolerance and the effect lessens and fades away. To get the feeling back you need to take a break for a week to a month.
Does anybody know some things i could do to make Far cry 3 run faster(other than hardware upgrades)? I want to turn up a certain graphic setting that makes dot sights have less light bleed. I'm not at home right now, so i don't have the game with me. I just need to know what setting makes sights clearer.
yes there was a k271 studio, but it got discontinued. A v6 would be a safe bet. pick the 7506 or v6 depending on the color you want, or the 7506 if you want gold plated jacks or don't care about the sticker color.
Sony's MDR V6 will be quite faithful studio headphones. Other alternatives would be Akg K271 and k240. The 271 are flatter and the 240s are upper bass and mid forward, but can be compensated with eq. I would lean towards v6 for build quality but the AKG for sound quality.
I'd say go for dt880 pro which is quite neutral, save for a very slight mid recession   But if you are adamant on getting a k series headphone, then go for the 702 based on the detachable cable alone.   Pro audio isn't actually a thing that exists. I could plug in .50$ earbuds into an interface of sorts and start working, but i would cringe in doing so. Any neutral headphone with good imaging would do the trick.   For an amp the objective 2 would be great for...
It's not hat hard to drive an hd650. my dt880 250 gets great volume out of a tv's headphone jack.
When you are devastated whenever you discover that your favorite song is riddled with clipping.   Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
from audio cubes, you can get the ath w1000x, but it is unlikely you will receive them by friday
Denon D5000 then. If you could find one in stock you would love it.
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