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Astrotec AM-90 for $25.89 (like new from warehouse deals). Seems like an alright price.
The version with the 'headset' (mic+single button I believe) is also selling for the same price.
  $249 from Amazon, and there's a third party listing for $239 with free shipping. Not sure what Beyer's warranty policy is.   There's also an eBay listing for $248 new from user AlexFax. Perhaps someone will find a lower price for you.    600 ohm premiums are also listed for $244.09 on Amazon.   Edit: I'm itching for the 250 ohm DT990 Pros...
I know that I would be proud.    Ultrasone DJ1 Pros in 'very good' and 'like new' conditions for $93.12 and $95.17. Seems like an alright price. New ones are $143.00 from Amazon, which is the lowest I found with a quick search other than $139 from a seller on eBay.
1) Great bang per buck factor. 2) Easy to drive while still sounding nearly ideal. 3) Seemingly tangle-free cloth cable is dreamy coming from tangle-troubled IEMs.   I know sonic qualities are probably going to be given the spotlight, but I thought I'd take a different outlook. I am extremely budget minded. I personally cannot overlook (my subjective) performance to price ratio. Great (in my opinion) sounding plus easy (and cheap) to drive along with a reasonable...
'Good' condition Beyerdynamic DT 660 Premium for $77.30:   Edit: The price went up to $78.59. Probably a new set. 
If they turned out cheaper than the Digitech version sold by Jaycar ($70 shipped to USA), I would probably be interested. Especially if they matched the price that a handful of people got them for awhile back ($58). I doubt that though.   The good set got bought up since I posted, but the very good and like new are still in stock.. Sorry, I should have realized that Warehouse Deals has about 5 separate listings for Q701s.
That M50 deal is awesome. If only the soundstage was more expansive.    A few Amazon Warehouse Deals caught my eye: Like new JVC HA-RX700 for $18.27. Probably a great beater for this price. Prices on their AKG Q701s have also fallen a bit: good, very good, and like new Q701s for $167.20, $172.90, and $176.70.
Since quite a few of you bought the HoM Exodus, I thought I'd mention something I noticed.   My Exodus arrived yesterday morning, and I've been using them quite a bit. When you use them, you may want to make sure you have no hair between your ears and the headphones. When I first got them, I rushed to try them out. They wouldn't stay on my head at all. Once I thought about it and brushed my hair behind my ears, the headphones only slid up occasionally when I tilted...
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