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    Can't help there as I don't have a XBA30 to make any fair comparision, I did hear the XBA30 the last time I step into a Sony outlet here though, I left the shop with a Sony XB90EX. 
  They are circumaural (Over ear) for me, but only just, I can feel the extremities of my ears touching the padding but they are comfortable enough to not pose any problems.
  Thanks Ericp,  ...yup, the CKN70 has the same crappy cable that is on the CKN50, if there is any major fault of the new CKN series it will be the cables, they would be the offsprings if the cables from the SHE3580 and MH1C mated, springy wires of the SHE3580, irritating J cord design of the MH1C and tangle-proneness of both !   Woah !  ...just had an eargasm listening to Alone by Heart with the CKN70 as I type this ! Just to listen to this one track alone is worth...
  ROFLOL,   ...Yeah, I have them all on splitters, the Missus got no problems with my audio gears after she imposed a "No computer, audio gears or any hobby stuffs in the bedroom" rule a year ago.   Now I just leave them burning on the computer in the living room so it bugs nobody except maybe the guard dog (who also doubles as a sniifer dog ) but she seems to not mind.
  Yup, it came in quite a big box that I had to get my sniffer dog to check it out, ...make sure theres no bomb or explosive inside !   ...can't be too careful nowadays !  
  Okay, just a quick update.   I had a brief listen to all 3 ATH phones.   Out of the box, it is pretty clear that the CKN70 are an upgrade over the CKN50, they both have a very similar signature but the CKN70 is just tighter and deeper everywhere, vocals have more emotions, if I didn't knew better I would have thought that the CKN70 sounds like a well burn in CKN50 (hence my initial impression that the CKN70 don't need burn in) but they are both brand new out of box...
  Mine just arrived !!!     The CKN-70 was the first to be plugged into the ELE DAC/Laptop, .....the first few notes hits me like fresh melted snow from an old spice advertisement, not quite sure what to make of what I'm hearing, does this thing even needs burning in ?????   ...need to listen more and maybe open the CKN-50 as well for a comparision.   ...will be back with more impression.
     Dang, Bro...another fine hole you dug for me to stumble into !      
  Oh, I'm there bro, listening and watching as my nick'sake "Ghost"      Canto skittles ?   ...are you kidding me ?   ...I practically grew up listening to these on what was known as Rediffusion back in the seventies'll know what I'm on about if you understand "SWAG" !
  Not yet, they should arrive this weekend or early next week.   What do you currently have that I might compare them to ?
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