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  So I've received my GR07 bass + GR06 bundle last sat and been burning them in since.   First thing I've noticed is that these GR07 don't need much burning in, I can't hear much changes after 30+ hrs on the burner.   The GR07 and CKN70 are VERY close !   ...GR07 has got slightly more details and slightly clearer across the spectrum, a very analytical sound to my ears. CKN70 has got a slightly warmer mids compared to the GR07 which makes them more fun to listen to, treble...
  For me, they are.   I got the AD900X after an exchange of pm with the nutman and subsequently after reading his impressions of the ES700 and WS99, decided on the WS99 for portable use. I'll hold out on the ES700 until maybe when they release an ES900      Looking forward to your impression on them both out of box and with 300hrs of burn (i.e: 2 weeks later)
  Oh no you don't !    ...that ain't no mud slinging or anything remotely close to it ! I've got too much respect for Bros like Ericp, Danny, Dsnut and several others to even dispute what they have posted, you got to understand that there is good hype and then there is bad hype ! Audio phones are like women (or men, if you're a lady), the type that appeals to me might be a total turn off for you, so just learn to accept that.   "end all do all iems" ?   ......there ain't...
  LOL !   ...that just proves we all hear differently, Ericp is entitled to his opinion of them straight from open box, I'm just surprised he's not mentioned anything about the harsh treble of the raw drivers. In any case, he still has my respects for his "hype" of the FXD70 and TDK iems.   It's no secret I'm digging them CKN70 currently and I prefer them slightly more than both my FXZ100 and 200 but they are by no means the end all do all iems  ...and I'm moving on to...
  That's the character of them FXZ200, some tracks are meh while others will floor you, but with a well burned in CKN70, most tracks will set you tapping your feet, and several will even get you down on the floor doing the wormy dub-step !       That looks like you on the stake    ...Oh dear, they even tied you upside down. (How I know ?  ...that tiny little bump on top is a dead giveaway ! )       OH, for Mochill sakes !   ...get on it dude, just hook him up to them !
  300+ hrs and they're still settling, changes mainly in the layering and stage, the sound positional behaviour of this iem is amazing !   ...highs are no longer offensive.   I'm getting more and more into them and considering getting a second pair (Blues).   We all hear differently, which is why I'm respecting Jigga's comments on them, only wished he had given them 1/2 a chance with at least 100hrs of burn as Dsnut posted earlier. You had the S500 and you know what...
  Yup, funny thing is that it happened to me too.   ...went into shop, auditioned the 30 and 40 but finally left the shop with a XB90EX    ...how strange is that ?
      ....but seriously !   ...go get yourself a pair of Wizard's whiskered, CKN70   ...thank me later !     I'm quite certain we'll see more positive comments like the one from marlon being posted as more guys get them.      
  Nah !   ...just fooling around with sfw !   But seriously, these FXZs belongs in the "must have" category. For me, they're the first with a new kind of "full spectrum" sound which defines the old technology from the new.
  I don't think they used fairy dust, it must be the wizard's whiskers they put in there !     Lol !   ...welcome to "Troll the master Troll" !
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