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  Welcome !    ...you're not late, we only just started the party !   Great advise ! ...whoever told you to burn them for 300 hrs
  OMG!   ....you don't know what you're missing !       It ain't the size of it !!!   ....it's what it CAN do that matters !!
  I've pre-ordered mine locally but to date, still awaiting deliver with no confirmation of when that will be.   Ds !   ...good job Bro, so happy for you to pull yourself up to 'Dr' status now !   ...congrates on the entrance exam !   
  I totally agree !    ..."thin and unnatural sound" is definately NOT how I'm hearing those AD900X. ...in fact, quite the opposite.   The only way that could happen is maybe with raw drivers from out of box. 
    NICE !    ...now post pictures and a "How to" or else, as SF trolls "It didn't happened !" 
  A steak dinner over a club sandwich ?
  Yeah, I was following the gr07 thread before taking the plunge but I was surprised by how little changes were taking place initially as compared to carbon nanotube phones and even some non CNT phones.   I'll take your advise and keep them on the burn, if they do improve any further they'll pull ahead of the CKN70. SQ wise, the both of them are on par as it is now. Will report back a week from now when they reach 250 hrs.   btw, the gr06 for the current price are quite...
  Bro, I guess the both of us can retire blissfully from Head'fi now.   AD900X for audio nirvana at home, WS99 for outdoors. gr07be for clarity, xb90ex for bass rumbles...   ...and no trolling from sfw, since he's lost and can't reach his computer at home.   [[SPOILER]]
  No way !    ...he'll get lost and not be able to find his way home !!!
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