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  Better !    ...everything thats good from the gr06 + 3D spatial spacing.
  For me, the FXZ200 has got really solid bass, best that I've heard.   ...and I am re-discovering these JVCs or rather re-burning them   For me burning means putting them on a D&B repeating track for couple of weeks, works for all single universal drivers iems I have so far, but these JVC are triple drivers and burning them this way doesn't do anything for the 2 CNT drivers inside, so I'm re-burning them with EDM that has lots of fast volins, piano, female vocals and...
There is also the consideration of availability for an item to be widely reviewed.   If it is not easily obtainable, I doubt if many will even bother with it, I'm just glad there are companies like Tenso otherwise my choice of gears would be so much more limited.   If you could link where these EM5 could be easily and affordably purchased, some might take the plunge to be the early adapters.
  After 2500hrs ?'ll get the ultimate phones cause you can hear the golden "sound of silence" from them.
  Hey !  ...I wasn't the first to say so ! was the Nutman who said it first !    "these CNT drivers needs 300hrs+ before they're start sounding right"   I'm only reporting on my little experiments of his comments and I only differed in that instead of only DnB tracks, I blasted them with EDM.   So blame Dr Dsnuts for all the extra burnin' ya' all be doing to all ya' stuff ya' stick inside ya' ears !
  Glad you guys are starting to hear them as I did in February.
  I dunno, man !   I'm re-thinking everything I know about these CNT material, I ran my entire EDM collection (300+ tracks) in a loop, plug in the FXZ200 for 2 weeks and there is a very noticable differences.   In the past, I was quite happy to blast a brand new phone with a bass and drums loop for 300hrs and call it quits, the bass certainly tightens up with this but what about the mids and high ? do we need to loosen the drivers for these freqs as well ? I am thinking...
  You're right, I find that happens to my iems in general, during burn-in.     Guess what ?   ...I threw my pair of FXD200 (with about 300hrs burn) onto the burner for almost 2 weeks (non-stop, without sneaking a listen) and started liking them a whole lot after they got 500hrs.   ,...there goes the theory that 300hrs burn in is enough for CNT drivers !
  Bro, if you think they're good now, wait til you hear them after 300hr+ burn-in
  LOL ! keep burning them Bro !     ...after 300 hrs, they'll melt your ears away with their liquid vocals !
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