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  That's all I needed, thanks Bro ! to wait for it's arrival.
  Looking forward to your impression on them, my mouse finger's getting really twitchy over the buy button.
  I've just finished burning a pair of Vsonic GR02 and am enjoying them much, definately an improvement over the FX40 in all areas, I would rate them as a side grade to the CKM500, both have great sound but with different signatures (the CKS77 is more of a basshead phone) The soundstage and forward mids of the GR02 are really astonishing, very musical, now I'm lusting over a pair of their flagship GR07 MkII.   The FXD80 are super clear to the point that they sound lean,...
  LOL,     ...for me, that TLB would be Thumping Loud Bass !      btw, I wonder how the new JVC cans HA-S400 with carbon nanotubes sounds, any impressions ? there is also a HA-S500 (higher end, i presumed)  
  They're like a nice pair of very fitting designer's leather shoes, hurts like S**T the first time you wear them but after they're broken-in, they'll feel really good and you'll just want to wear them and go out !
  LOL,   ...No, I mean one sounds like a well tuned V12 engine  and the other's like an old clunker with no oil in it.   I had a Y splitter on my Sansa Clip zip playing uncompressed Wav files out to both phones at the same time and was surprised by the differences I'm hearing between them.   Sometimes with earphones that are quite good, it's really hard to tell the differences between them from memory, but when you put them side by side playing short segments of the...
  I'm talking about tasting last month's wine compared to 1999 vintage wine, sipping on Johnny Walker's Red label against Blue label.   But Ink's right, it's just mind burn,'s all just grape juice and fermented malt afterall ! 
  Interesting you should say this,    ...I'm just starting burn on my second pair of FX40(Black) and just for kicks, did an A/B'ing with my 200+ hours FX40(Red)   The SQ between them is like night and day.
  So have your MKII arrived ?      ...still awaiting your review.
Almost everyone carries a handset/handphone nowadays, the market for IEMs for listen to music/phone calls is huge beyond imagination.   ...and everyone wants a piece of the pie !     ...over here, shops selling nothing but IEMs/headphones are springing up all over the place.  
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