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Yup, what struck me most was how similar they sound. You should check them out Ds, would really love to hear your take on them.   Thanks, the scond half of 2012 really belongs to JVC and their carbon nano tube drivers techology, it seems they can't go wrong with their FX40, FXD70, FXD80, HA-S500 and HA-S400.   It's never too late to jump on the JVC CNT bandwagon and see what you've been missing.   You're welcome bro, althought I have not brought a caliper to them, the...
I have been throughly enjoying the excellent JVC HA S500 and needed to get the wife one (that's what we all use as an excuse right ?) so I ordered the JVC HA S400 (couldn't decided which color, ordered the Red and the Silver)   Links to DSnut's thread on the excellent HA S500:     Here's the 2 new addition to the HA S500.   The Red one caught my eyes, they...
Just received the HA S400.   I'm shocked that they sounded that good right out of the box ! I recall that my HA S500 needed at least 50 hrs before they sounded decent enough for listerning to a whole album.   My mind is saying that a 30mm driver cannot match the sonic capabilities of a 40mm driver yet my ears are straining to hear the advantage of the S500 over it's sibling S400.   I was so stroked, I tooks a whole lot of pictures and was about to post them...
Does GOD exist ?   If you have a religion, he does and if you don't, he doesn't, If you believe there's a GOD, good for you, if you don't, well.....  good for you too.   Why can't we all co-exists without having to prove this and that ! it is, there's not enough time for us to enjoy our audio gears !
  For me, the CKM500 is better (Bass, and highs), GR02 Bass Edition compares more to the CKM300 and it's a tough choice deciding which is better.   CKM300 has slight advantage in Bass (U shape sound) GR02 has slight advantage in Mids (more balance)
  My humble apologies, Beau   I would rate all my JVC headphone/iems as follows:   In terms of Sub-bass extension = S500>FX40>FX101>FXD80>FX1X   in terms of Mid-bass quality = FXD80>S500>FX40>FX101>FX101   In terms of Mid-bass quantity = FX1X>FX101>S500>FX40>FXD80
  I don't believe or trust in memories, they have a way of distorting the truth ! The one and only way is to A/B a burned and an out of box pair.   ...perhaps that explains why I'm like having 4 pairs of them FX40 at this current point in time 6 pairs if you count the 2 that was given away to nieces earlier.   The wife knows that after they're burned-in, some lucky relative's gonna be enjoying them so she doesn't get on my back about them.
Lets do a straw poll, those who believe the FX40 must be burn-in to sound their best please copy, paste and add to the below and those who don't, can also add your vote:   Burn them like there's no tomorrow   1) rickdohc 2) ghostfit 3) 4) 5)   Nah !'s all in your mind   1) hvymetal 2) 3) 4) 5)
  I think the same too, the S500 has the hardest hitting, deepest bass of all my JVC audio stuffs. But I can understand where Cute and Bob is coming from, with certain tracks the FXD80's bass are at a different higher level than the S500.   I think it is meaningless to say which has more bass if we are listerning to them with different sources and recordings.
  The point where the wires goes into the unit may look filmsy but a few times I got it connected to the desktop computer, forgot I was wearing them, stood up to get something and could have swore I've ripped the wires out, but no  ...they kept on working.
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