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LOL,   ...yeah, DSnut is killing me (wallet) with his latest Fire Phoenix DAC amp recommendation. So if your's hurts, he's the one to blame !   The FXD80 belongs to the "must have" category if you're a fan of this new CNT technology, the FXT90 can wait I guess.
Actually, the S500 for me was like "Yikes, these sounds like $30 headphones" out of the box, then after 50hrs burning "C**p, now they sound like $10 headphones". It was only after 100hrs + that the sound started to become coherent and now 500hrs+ later, they sound like $250-$300 headphones.   To be fair, I also have iems which didn't change much from burn in, my Vsonic GR02 BE did not improve further beyond the 50hrs of burning.    I guess the world has realised that...
I concur, SHE3580 has got some really deep sub bass. He did mention that he is more of a headphone guy !
Out of the box surprisingly, I would say they're pretty close, they have about 70% of the S500's bass and highs, 80% of the S500's mids, as for comparision between the 2, refer below.   I sneak a peek listen to the S400 at the 50hrs burn and have to report that the sound at this point is incoherent !!!   ...the bass has gone muddy, mids are like the singer is shouting and treble has almost disappeared.   So much for the pretty good sounds I heard on open box, but I know...
  Thanks you my friend, I will try and see if I can catch any fish then !
  The S500 has the more luxurious and softer pleather headband padding when you feel them by hand, the S400's bare foam feels a little firmer, however when worn on the head, I couldn't feel that they are more uncomfortable due to the lighter weight of the S400.
  Glad your perseverance paid off ! have experience what the believers among us have gone thru, so, so headphone out of box, muddy sounds below 100 hrs burning, but after that ...WOW !   As DSnut has said, these JVC absolutely NEEDS aggressive burning before they'll perform. I'll take any reviews of JVC Carbon Nano Tube iems or headphone that has less than 100 hrs of burn-in as a joke.
  Yeah, thats right   ...go ahead and tease us all !
  Neither !   ...I got mine from Jun Ibaraki san.  
Thanks Analog,   On paper, JVC has stated 104dB/1mW for the S400 and 106dB/1mW for the S500, so the S500 should be more sensitive, I can't really tell from my initial impression if that is true as I did not compare directly (A/B) with the S500, however what struck me was how close the 2 headphone's bass sound and I am surprised that the mids could be like that without any burning. Will compare and report back here after the S400 have 50 hrs of burn on them.   As for your...
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