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  Opps !   ...my most humble apologies Ms    ...I could never tell tell the gender from the posts. PS: ...Get the AD900X !       ... just out of hibernation/honeymoon with my harem of phones and the E12, Wassup with the sudden explosion in this thread ?       ....Did the Nutman started something ?  
    ???   ....contradicting to say the least.
  The only thing we have in common is a very high ranking for the S400   I don't know why all this negative vibes about double amping, I've heard the E12 out from an Iphone 4 with LOD and frankly, do not find much differences. In many professional sound stage setups I've seen, double amping is very common. ...and wayne's right !   ...especially when he said the AD900X sounds heavenly thru the E12 jacked into the ELE DAC. (and the ELE does amp the signals)   With...
    Brwaak ! brwaak !    ...surface ! surface !   ...target sighted !   Short news break !   ...Been spending alot of time playing around with my new Fiio E12 amp. Of all the gears I have tried, plugged into the E12, guess which completely blew my mind ? Forget S500, heck ! you can even forget WS99,   ...Sansa Clip Zip playing wav file thru the E12 and JVC S400 !!!   never in my life did I expected them to sound like they do with with this budget amp !   Incoming !   ...
  I'm sure you've got all of them     ...so which of the 3 would you recommend ?
  Hi Waynes, I know you're one of the early adopter of the Fiio E12 amp, and I've only just laid hands on mine.   Would dearly love to hear your impression of the E12 paired with the WS99, as I've totally agree with your descriptions of the WS99 and AD900X (Don't have the 1K ....yet )   Looks like the E12 requires USB chargers capable of 2A output, my 1A output USB charger got smoked after 20 mins trying to charge the amp.
  ROFLOL !   ...That is so hitting the head on the nail !           Hey Currawong !   ..I want my money back !    ...they're so explicit and nothing ! nada ! zhits !   ...I wrote something about 'feathers' to SF   ...and almost got the B word !     ...not fair ! not fair !     ...wait a minute, Head-Fi's a free forum !   ...okay, scratch that !
  That's a start !   ...but those separate mids and highs carbon nanotube drivers need more working to loosen them up, blast tracks with lots of fast vocals and treble instruments.   I ain't gonna lie either !   ...just so you don't set yourself up for a disappointment, they're not gonna miraculously turn into the end-game iems for you after the extra burning. The mids on mine are now pretty close to the ckn70's, only lacking slightly in refinement, sub bass are a notch...
  Hi - 5 Bro !     ...dunno about the 5k hrs though !   ...I'll get bored if it takes anything more than a month to burn in !
    I'm willing to bet you guys will hear a differences.   I got a feeling that the normal way of burning these triple drivers iem won't work as the mid and high drivers are separate and hardly pushed at all with just D&B. loop the usual kind of music you normally listen to at a louder volume and let it sit for couple of weeks (CNT driver, remember?)   Mine now has the mids where vocals stands out in a rather pleasing way, almost at the levels of the ckn70, treble sparkle...
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