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  Roger, Wilco !   I'm on it, right away Sir ! need to nag   Hope they'll sway me back to the S500 (which I've paid more for)
  Nope, I'm on the stock pads too    ...or at least til I managed to find something that doesn't changes the signature that drastically.
  Well, you could try a pair of them S400  ...there's a differences in sound which I'm quite sure you'll be surprised by.
  Althought I don't have the FXD70, I know exactly the feeling, the HA S400 is the equivalent (of the FXD70) when compared to the HA S500 (FXD80)
  Sorry, I don't have or listened to the KSC-35 or PortaPros so am not qualified to answer your questions.   I will say that the S400 are pretty close to some high end floor standing audiophile speakers systems I've heard.
I doubt they are dupes too ! seems the packaging from the HK sellers are of the tamper proof variety, i.e. you have to cut the packaging in order to get at the contents as compared to the easily opened packaging of the Japaness export.   DSnut, can't wait for you to received yours and hear your take on these. I'm listening to them playing straight out from my laptop as I type and for certain they sound really good at 30% to 40% volume level. The energy and...
  As promised here are the photos of them silvers       In the evening....
  I'll be ordering a pair of them whites too !   ...just to have the complete collection   As for the pads, I would be searching for one that will retain the SQ of the the S400 but have more comfort.
  I got 3 pairs of the ATH velours you recommended and tried them on both headphones, they changed the sound signature competely for both phones. On the S500, they were pretty much as you have describe, the soundstage opened up, the bass tamed down and mids got a little boosted, however the sound is not comparable to the S400 with stock padding and non amped DAP. On the S400, I listen to one track and changed them back to stock immediately, the S400 lost all it's magical...
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