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  Was browsing around at the local Daiso (Japanese budget shop) which sells EVERYTHING for S$2 (about US$1.50)    ...saw some IEMs and thought - what the heck, I needed some references to what "really bad" sounds like   ...surprisingly !   ...they have big wide stage with bass !
  If you're planning to listen to these thru a smartphone then get the CKM500iS otherwise if you're only gonna use them with a DAP then get the stock CKM500.   The CKM500i is not a good option as you are stuck with Iphones and the button press volume control, the newer CKM500iS can be used with both Iphones and Andriod phones and they have a much better rotary volume control.
  Neutral highs I would say S400, S500 highs are on the bright side, they sound colored when compared to the S400.   The S400 certainly are not recessed in the highs in fact, they have one of the best highs that I've heard. 
  Apologies for not following up closely on the thread (been enjoying them S400 too much)   200hr+ Red S400 vs New from Box Silver S400: Red has lesser mid bass presence but tighter and deeper sub bass, Silver's bass sound good until I A/B with the Red pair, careful listening reveals the Silver's slightly looser bass control. Mids on the Red are certainly better than the Silver, Out of box, the S400 are not quite there in vocals expressions, they are not recessed but do...
Why not something with a newer technology ?   ...I'm sure you'll be nicely surprised by the SQ of the JVC FXD80 or FXD70.
I use to switch between CKS77 and FXD80 for my Bass and Treble fixes, then the HA S500 on-ear came and sweep the both of them into the IEM collection drawer.   ...a few weeks later, the HA S400 came and ensured that the S500 is permanently hooked up to the TV sound system.
Great !   ...can't wait to hear more impression of them S400 from you guys.
  Sigh !   ...I empathise with you Bro !     ...Can't they all agree to disagree ?   It's as if someone came out of a Dunkin Donut store and exclaim "This is the best *%*#!@ donut I've ever tasted" thing you know a shower of rotten eggs and tomatos come flying !
  I'm with you on that !   ...for me, there was a night and day differences with the FX40 as well as the HA S500, as for the FXD80 and FX101 the changes wasn't as drastic.   Surprisingly the S400 has the least amount of changes for a CNT driver, it got smoother and tighter after 100hr+ ...but comparing to a new out of box pair the differences isn't that big. I've noticed that both pairs of S400's SQ took a dip after the 24hrs+ mark and started improving again from the...
  I've picked up a couple of S400 from 'buyfromjapan' for $39.80 each. ....Unfortunately they're no longer listed and I so wanted a pair of the whites too  
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