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  I totally agree with you, JVC has been outstanding with their Carbon Nanotube technology this year and I don't really care much what the detractors over here in Head'Fi says, its their loss anyway.   I can see an FXD70 and FXD60 in my near future, not that I need more iems, but they'll certainly broaden my horizons.
  Sure, but I wouldn't want to spoil your ears and stain your impression of IEMs     Nothing of major concern, just a cheap jab at the new Apple's Ibuds and iems in general that have big wide stage with bass  ....and NOTHING else.     Will do that for fun tonight !   ...I offered them to my dog and she wouldn't go anywhere near them (she did help herself to my FX101 and GR99 when I carelessly left them within reach )
  Lol   ....if I may.   Assuming you have a pair of well burn S500 to compare to.   S400 - out of box = Very similar bass to the S500 in terms of mid bass quantity and sub bass quality = similar bass. S400 - >150hrs burn = mid bass has settled and
  I think you'll find the S500 more to your liking, it has more mid bass emphasis compared to the S400 which is slightly mids emphasis.   The basshead side of me can certainly appreciate the bass and rumble of the S500. Folks who prefers a more mid oriented signature should go for the S400.     ...Aw WTH   ...they're affordable to buy both, Just go for it !
  LOL, I was actually considering a pair of ATH WS55 at a local audio outlet when I had a listen to the ES55 and couldn't decide before I saw the latest JVC headphones. You should be able to find lots of comments of the comparision between S500 and the M50 over at the S500 thread.   I think you should get a pair of the JVC latest. If you like cinematic, in your face, sounds get the S500, they are easily the best phone for movies, computer gaming. If you want something...
  In a way, yes but you'll hardly notice the midbass bump unless you've got the 2 headphones side by side.   If I may describe the mid bass/ lower mids interaction of the 2 phones it would be as follows:   On the S500, mid bass seems to occupy some of the same space of the lower mids, the mids suffers a little resolution loss as a result. For example when electric guitars and vocals exists at the same time the voices loses some emotion. Mind you the mids are not recessed...
  Nope, my 300hrs+ S500 still sound warm/veiled next to the S400, I would say its more colored rather than veiled, the S500 sounds like it has more bass due to the coloration but it doesn't have more details.   They are both very musical but the S400's strength are it's much better mids/vocals, they have this uncanny ability to reproduce the emotional nuance of the singer's voice such that the song becomes rather intimate.   Agree that the S500's highs are almost harsh...
  As at this moment, I would say S400 with stock padding is the closest to what you have describe. I am awaiting delivery of the ATH Leather pads before passing final judgement on which I prefer sonically.   Why not wait for DSnuts impression as he will receive his S400 in a few days time and if you're in the US, the local JVC dealers should have them in stock as well for $39.95.     Can't wait for your impression on these, more guys should get to know them thru you !
  Well, they hit just like a cannon burst beside you with Telarc 1812.   Fast forward to 14:30 and listen to them cannons   Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage equipment which are not up to the task of replaying these digital cannons, play and listen at your own risks.
  I've only briefly heard the ATH ES55, the S500 is closer to the ATH phones which has more mid bass, but I feel the S500 sub-bass goes deeper. S500's Mids and Highs are a couple notches above the ATH.   The S400 are more balanced sounding to me and are outstanding because nothing is lacking just as nothing is overwhelming but when called upon, their sub-bass matches that of the S500.
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