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  I think I'm a gonna go look for places that do plastic chroming and chrome my cups gold !   ...then do one of Doc's OFC cable mod with unobtainium gold briaded sleeves.           ...but knowing my modding history, JVC will most probably release the same thing the very next day as a limited edition item.
  Agreed, why people aren't buying the S400.   No problems with your english, brutha !   ...we can certainly FEEL the joy and excitement in your words.
Actually, I don't think anyone over here, fortunate enough to own a pair, ever said they were bad, the few who didn't like them (most likely out of open box) were told to burn them in before listening again have not came back (too busy enjoying them now I'll bet )     So if you think about it, they have almost 100% positive rating.
  A warm welcome !   It doesn't matter which you select as your first song as you'll want to play them all in due time. What's more important is your source and/or the bit rate. The S400 are quite forgiving so even 256kbps MP3 files sounds pretty okay, lossless is best of course.   Vocals are the forte of the S400 so playing strictly instrumental tracks means they will not give you anything special.   Most important is to have fun and don't forget to burn them CNT drivers...
  Judging from the pictures of your Adidas blue S500 with unobtinium cables, I would certainly say you had loads of fun and a final product that'll make many here jealous and anyone proud      Please pay no attention to my pessimistic post as i was thinking out loud to myself.
  I'm with you   ...not that I'm adverse to DIY, I'm pretty handy and comfortable modding and soldering things (even SMT chips) but I hate spending the time and effort clobbering something together and POW !  ...JVC releases a brand new shining version of my Frankensteinphone.
  The S500 were discovered by DSnuts much earlier, so most of the guys got these. I brought them S400 as a cheaper alternative for trashing around, not expecting more than 80% of the sounds from the more expensive S500.   I was really shock at how they sound and for preferring them over the S500 thus I started this thread to spread the word around. I am not surprised with the sceptism and reluctance from guys with the S500 as I myself couldn't believe that the cheaper...
  You'll be surprised just how tough these FX40 are, I had them ripped right out of my ears til they hurt but the phones still functions as normal.   My dog managed to get at one of my JVC FX101 and chewed them up real good, I ended up with several pieces of green/black plastic and rubber as well as a mangled up wire. I could see the insides of the strain relief and there is a slip knot there to prevent the wires from pulling out.   Short of cutting the wires or stomping...
  I was just listening to a track on them S400, over and over and over again, trying to figure out why the vocals are so special, everytime I press the repeat button, it's as if a fresh song is being played because I'm hearing new details I didn't notice before and I could have sworn the song sounds better on the third or fourth repeat.   ...Sorry, just had to tickle you !
  Stock 'itchy and hot' pads on both S500 and S400, I've tried the ATH Velours but didn't quite like them, I'm currently waiting the delivery of the ATH leather which you recommended (and DSnuts endorsed ) to see if they'll make me prefer the S500 over the S400. 
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