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  you mean "rickdohc = crazy panamanian devil!" ?    
  BEWARE !      ...I dunno what caused the gale force hype  but I predict the Amazon quake will trigger a carbon nanotube Tsunami the likes of which we have never seen before !       Oh yes,   .....and AMEN !
  OH NOooooo !'ve gone, done an injustice to all the Carbon Nanotube sharks bros here, now when stocks run out, where they gonna find S400s to feed ?     ....errm, wait a minute, I'm not in the US, can't buy them at $25 anyway ! 
  I ain't the only one who took the first dive, bro lmswjm was right there too and he kinda reaffirms my assessment of these phones.
  Lol !   ...if only just so that I could enjoy them a month ahead of everyone else, it was well worth it.
  Any possibility of international sales for these phones ?  ...NFM could reap the potential of worldwide market if shipping is reasonable.   Fine with me if you use this thread to sort out the problems faced by guys trying to place their orders.   Thanks for spreading the JOY !
     Quote:   I had a short audition of the WS55 a short while back, the WS55 is like "Wow! the Bass!" whereas the S400 is like "Wow! the Mids! ...and the Sub bass/highs ain't that bad!"   So long as you're not expecting >$500 headhone SQ, I'm sure you'll like them.  
  Totally agree with your assessment, I sense a little less mid bass on the S400 which allows the mids to really shine.   Listening to the same tracks with both the S500 and S400, the S500 seems to sound a little artificial, funny thing is that I only get this when A/Bing the both of them. otherwise the S500 'seems' normal.   Just noticed a particularity with my Red S400 that has well over 300hr+ burn. They are okay sounding when I initially put them on but after...
    Quote:   Oh,  ...did I say they were on par ?     ...Well, just for the record, I'll say they're BETTER than the S500 for listening to music.       #$@!^&* non believer !      ........   But what if they sound like $300 phones ?   ...can I throw rotten vegetables at you ?        I won't say the S400 "destroys" the S500 but they have a unique musical signature that sounds sweeter to my ears. Now my S500 are permanently plugged into the desktop for playing games and...
Quote:   You can speak for yourself, my drunken friend,  ...but my ears just can't seems to get enough of them S400.   edit: (of course I know you're kidding ! don't type drunken)   Both S500 and S400 punches well above their retail costs, as for which is better the answer will depends on your preferences. Mine are for the S400's signature and now at $25 a pop, it can only be stronger as I can now spread the goodness to relatives instead of just being restricted...
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