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  Yup, smiling every minute two months back when the S500 arrived and then smiling ear to ear the whole of last month with these.  
  You're right, I got them mixed up.   Went and dug up my pile of old DVDs and found:   (1) Shaolin Soccer (Steven Chow)   ...before Kung Fu hustle? (2) Kung Fu Mahjong   ...(No Steven Chow but the same 'others' actors)
  Lol !  ...thats one funny HK movie staring Steven Chow.    he made a sequel, Kung Fu Gamble, I think.
  Yup, but I think some of these guys are too young to have watched that movie and didn't see the funny side of that.
  Looking forward to more of your esteemed impressions after the mandatory 200hrs burning.   meanwhile, changing my avatar in line with the halloween mood. 
  JVC are not wrong with that statement, the drivers have 2 essential components; the diaphragm and the magnets that moves in the coils. Thus the latest JVC have Carbon Nanotube diaphragms attached to the Neodymium magnets.   As for crazy Tazpana Rick, I've got the below yummies ready for him !     and not forgetting this ! 
  LOL that anything like the "Blue Oyster Club" ?   ...heard Doc's heading it !
  Well, to be honest they were $39 when they initially appeared on ebay from Japan, the fact that mass retail outlets have brought the price down to the $20 region has got to be the icing on the cake. I just have a strange feeling that the expectations of the whole population of headphone users in the States will be going up several notches in the coming months.   I think a few guys will be getting theirs delivered around next week (including DSnuts), I'll love to hear...
  you mean "rickdohc = crazy panamanian devil!" ?    
  BEWARE !      ...I dunno what caused the gale force hype  but I predict the Amazon quake will trigger a carbon nanotube Tsunami the likes of which we have never seen before !       Oh yes,   .....and AMEN !
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