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  I think I should change the title of this thread to "The slimming thread" look at the pictures and you'll lose your appetite !  
  When you guys get your AD900X cans, you have got to listen to this with them !!!
  Well .....I'll be a pig's snot, you're right !!!    ...what with all this eye patches and zorro's masks, I'm half blinded !   Cute, we're waiting for you to put on ya eye patch !
  Mine are well over 500+ hrs aggressive burning and 200hrs+ listening   ...I feel they still have yet to settle fully !
  You forgot to add your "I'm so grateful" chick magnet piccie !  
  That's a really good price,   ...links ?
  Cash's already in dude !  ...his avatar's Pirate cash !
  Hmm  ...last time I checked, pirates got the use of one eye, you got both eye patched ???   ....Sorry, Zorro week's next month !!!         Yah !  ...We have got the dirty dozen required for the dastardy deed, now we just need pictures of HOW we're gonna make him "Walk the plank !"      Here's my suggestion !
      hrrmmp!    ...2 more !   ....shiver me timbers !  
  Oui  ....late comer !     ...there you go, included his fugly mutt !   Arrggg ! 3 more to go before we send you to dance with Jack Ketch and a resting place in Davy Jones' locker !
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