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  They're asking for proof of ID containing name, date of birth and residential address, I took a photo of my ID card (passport will work too), blank out the info they didn't asked for (eg: ID number, bar codes, thumb print) and sent to them via jpeg file, it was approved and I got a free service fee coupon.   Just as well, it was a nice discount from Tenso on my combined shipment of ATH WS99, CKN70 and CKN50.   Guys who use Tenso should get it done ASAP (before April) as...
  Hope it's nothing too serious, Bro.   Anyway, too many gears thread ain't too good or healthy, we should have a "Discovery thread" for new music, sources to listen to with our gears !     ...I've always looked forward to all those links provided by head'fi members, some made me go "Woah!" and other made me "hmmm?" but everyone of them tells me a little about the preferences of the person who puts them up and in a way it made us closer.   Take care and God Bless.
  Strange that we all think alike !    ...when I ordered that CKN70 thru Tenso, I was thinking that's it, I'll delete my account at Head Fi after that and be really happy with everything I have.   But then the evil  side of me whispered that I just have to report back on here and pass on the poison my impression of them CKN70 to all the good folks here.   And that's when I'll stumbled into another thread pit full of gears that I'll have to buy !!! It's a nasty and...
  I think the AD900X has the better soundstage to the ES700 but the extremely poor isolation means it's can only show it's true colors in a quiet room. Hope Dsnut can chime in here as he has both (as well as the WS99).   My AD900X are nicely burn in now, I'm amazed at how much they have turned from ugly ducklings (open box) into beautiful, graceful swans ! If ever meteorites should should start falling around here, the AD900X are the first thing I'll grab to put on my...
  Ain't that the truth, really looking forward to hearing the WS99.
  Thanks for the warning, heads up, bro !    ...I'll make sure I don't ever head there !
  I understand completely what you are referring to by "trick you 2 your head" ...the AD900X has that in truckloads !   ....the only con about them is that they are meant for indoor, quiet place use. I'm looking at the WS99 as my portable cans where the extra bass will help 'mask out' any issues of isolation and since I mainly listen to EDM, Trance and Dubstep when I'm out and about.
  Oh No, you don't kid me !   ...I know that this thread is your recruitment ground for talent hypes !   ...I'll survive the latest Jiggi'swot hype just as I did the previous Cash'somia and countless before that.   Now I just have to work on the grandmaster hyper of them all !!! to find an effective defence mechanism !  .... he merely mentions the ckn70 and I've ordered them in the blink of an eye. sheesh, I'm really vulnerable !
  Woah !!! ...just when I thought it's safe to come out of Dsnuts seclusion, hiding out with my AD900X and I stumble straight onto this !?!?!?   Was just simply wanting to order a CKN70 thru Amazon JP but somehow a WS99 and CKN50 kinda dropped into my cart as well.   Oh, well  ....I see the meteorites are starting to fall from the sky, might as well enjoy 'em while I still can !   ...hope I get them before these rocks from space gets me !
  Beat you to it, I've pre ordered one locally last month .   ...hard not to after having their E3 and E6.
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