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  I wonder how these Tenores compares with the Vsonics VC02 which Joker values at a perfect 10 here:
  Looking forward to your impression on the Basso / Tenore comparision as well as the CKS1000 / CKS77X.   Incidentally, nobody heard the SZ2000 ???
  DO IT !    ...before they get outta FOTM !     Natural and realistic ?  ....that'll be the VC02 !   ...but you got to listen with an open mind, they sound like they got faulty bass until you realise just how realistic the mids and trebles are.   @Boleh, Bro, this may just be the iem we're discussing for female vocals. Lets organise meetup ! 
  Yup, they are really unique and I'll never part with my pair !       Yes, that's targeted at you sf !
  I have and loved it (so did my 2 daughters).   Over here in SG, they're going for like S$18.00 (US$14) They are to trebleheads what the SHE3580 are for bassheads, EC200 have taught me to appreciate neutral signature iems and micro details leading to the Vsonic gr07be. (Basshead are advise to stay away from this one)   Speaking of Vsonic, I've met up with the nice gentleman who runs Lend me your ears, they're a completely legit setup who'll stand 100% behind their...
  Still kicking if thats what you mean    ...being hybernating with them carbo basso   ...and they're really as good as the good bros here says they are !!! you gotta hear them soon.   You know what ?  ...I think you got a faulty pair of them ckn70, they start out with really bright highs but tame down after 300hrs, there are many here who love them, including me (notwithstanding the crappy cable)
    Yeah, I agree !   ....what a load of hogwash !!!
  Either you're using too small a tip size and not sealing properly or you'll be going deaf real soon !
    See that Sfw ?    ...Waynes boi getting them next week,  ...and my should arrive shortly after!   ....What'cha waiting for, Fool !    ...the Nutman has given them carbo basso his Gold'en Nuts award aredi !    ....There's no "IF", there is only a question of "When" !
  LOL !    ...maybe it's because they knows that the hype train's driven by him and everybody wants to get onboard.     You heard that Sfw ?...that's right,  ...get on board or get left behind ! 
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