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I concur, I have both the IF version and the White plastic basic version, sounds identical ....if anything I kinda prefer the plastic version as they're lighter. Got a couple of the Rose Gold version on the way so I'll compare the 3
It's been awhile !  ....wat did I missed ! wat did I missed !
Gosh !   ....has it been that long already !!!   Time certainly flies on this thread !   ....I didn't log in for 3 days and I'mma swamped with 600 posts when I do ! D**n, between Whatsapp and Head'fi, there isn't any time left for any other things in me life !   ...anyway Ds, how is the studying getting on, have you graduated ?
    LOL !    .....I missed you too, Bro !  ...the last things in my ears were CKN70 and FXZ200     ....I see the Nutman's now hyping FX850, will take a look into them.   
Hiya guys,   Just dropped by to say hello after digging myself outta the boxes and boxes of shifting house madness !   Say, is the master troll still trolling ?    
  Not true !    ...I just saw a whole bunch of CLR at a local popular bookstore here in Singapore.   ...not cheap though, at S$29 (@US$22)
  That sounds so very familiar Ds, I've got several phones here that behaves exactly like that, it seems like something in them needs to "warm up" and once they're "up"   ...the eargasm goes off the charts !
  What is it about you and those MT-300s ??? keep mentioning them !  ...pray, share what irks you about them ???
  Ya' trolling me ? $370 a pop, I think I'll pass that honor to our honourary leader Dsnut or Danny, If they says it's that good, then I'll follow as a dutiful soldier from the legions of the Discovery thread !     Yes, the Japanese are funny and weird with curio like that aren't they ?
  I was recommended the VC02 by the nice gentleman from Lendmeyourears after he found out that I have the gr07be, gr06 and gr02be, he said it would be something different from all the Vsonics I have.   And I'm glad I took his recommendation, these VC02 are unique and I agree with ljokerl's review of them, an iem that focuses on the mids and highs with a recessed low end, completely opporsite of what I'm used to.   Heard the VSD1 is closer to the gr07bes.
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