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Oh thank you. I normally use my ad700 on the low gain, would cranking it up to the middle gain improve sound quality? Also, If I upgrade or purchase a dedicated amp/soundcard, would the sound quality be noticeable?   
Hello, I just purchased the DT770 a couple days ago and I was wondering if it is enough to power the DT770 well. Would I have any significant improvement if I bought an amp? Also for my AD700 and PortaPros, should I put the impedence to max and lower my mixer volume? Or keep it at default?
I've been doing some research on the DT250, I couldn't find much about it but everyone seems to like it. Question: How do they match up with the DT770, M-50, and D1100?
look no further, koss portapros for 30$
+1 for AD700, I believe it has the biggest sound stage under $200. I've used it for competitive gaming and it's amazing how much better the sound stage is than even the "gaming" headsets. The sound quality is also very nice.
of course not, but It would be a small plus if it is portable, I've looked into the DT250 and D1100 and they are definitely added to my list to consider buying And I forgot to mention but I am also looking for something more on the brassier side.
Hmm, what about portability? It isn't a must, but I would like to bring it to long trips once in a while xD
subtle bass meaning its overall balanced but leaning towards the bass side?
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