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Count me in. So excited for another NY meet!
I'm very tempted to buy the Noble Audio Savants, but from reading the reviews, I'm worried they might not have enough bass for me. Up to this point, I used the ultimate ears UE 900s, but they just broke on me. Has anyone used both the Savant and the UE900s? How is the Savant's bass response compared to the UE900's? Thanks
I'm in the market for new IEMs that I can use both with my Woo Audio WA7 and my iPhone 6. For sound signature, I prefer an open and spacious sound stage (as open as they can get). I'd like for bass, mids and treble to be equally represented, and for the sound to be detailed and engaging. I listen to just about all types of music with an emphasis on rock, jazz, blues and classical music. Which of these two would best fit my needs? If you have any other suggestions around...
My UE900s just broke and I can't get them replaced since they've been discontinued. I'm now on the market to find a new pair of universal IEMs that I can use wherever. I'd prefer a neutral sound with nothing being too bassy.  Thanks a lot!
I'm looking for a pair of closed-back headphones that I'll be able to take out and around with me. My current at-home headphones are the Audeze LCD-2s. I'd like to find a pair of closed back headphones with similar characteristics/sound if at all possible. Thanks!
I'm told that my ears are still growing and changing, so I'll have to hold off on custom IEMs for a few more years. I think for now I'll stick with getting my hands on the PM-3s, unless there's others comparable to that.
I agree with the fact that there's very few high-end truly portable headphones. My biggest problem with getting in-ears is their comfort. Even with foam tips, I really can't wear them for any extended period of time. 
It's a shame that portable headphones are so hit-and-miss. I wouldn't mind some extra bulk or weight as long as it's made up for in sound/comfort. 
My main concern is that the EL-8s just lack bass to my ears, especially compared to the LCD-2s.
I didn't mean that in any rude or insulting way. I'm just making the assumption that there will be a jump in quality as one is much more expensive than the other.
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