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I'm told that my ears are still growing and changing, so I'll have to hold off on custom IEMs for a few more years. I think for now I'll stick with getting my hands on the PM-3s, unless there's others comparable to that.
I agree with the fact that there's very few high-end truly portable headphones. My biggest problem with getting in-ears is their comfort. Even with foam tips, I really can't wear them for any extended period of time. 
It's a shame that portable headphones are so hit-and-miss. I wouldn't mind some extra bulk or weight as long as it's made up for in sound/comfort. 
My main concern is that the EL-8s just lack bass to my ears, especially compared to the LCD-2s.
I didn't mean that in any rude or insulting way. I'm just making the assumption that there will be a jump in quality as one is much more expensive than the other.
I'm just concerned that the PM-3s will be too big of a step down from the LCD-2s and that I won't find things to like in it. 
I've heard that a lot of people have had issues with getting a proper seal on the EL-8s. Also, some models make a weird noise when you press down on the earcup. When I heard the EL-8s, I found the demo model to have that issue as well. 
I would also recommend the K7XX's. Another headphone to consider would be the DT 990 Pro (~$200).
I want to find a pair of closed back headphones that I can use outside. I currently use the Audeze LCD-2s for when I'm at home. I listen to a lot of blues, blues-rock, rock, easy listening, jazz, classical, etc. Pretty much anything except EDM, rap, and country. I typically lean towards headphones with solid imaging and soundstage, and a good mid-range. Bass and treble should be in check and shouldn't be too powerful or forward. Which of these headphones do you think would...
I'm debating between keeping my current pair and putting the money towards a woo audio WA7, or just buying the EL-8s and getting the WA7 later.
New Posts  All Forums: