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Count me in! I really hope I can get there. I love these gatherings!
I actually just got back from a trip to France. The flight there was 10 and a half hours (because of a 4 and a half hour wait due to a faulty instrument), and the flight back was around 7 and a half hours. I listened to music for a good 7 hours on the flight there, and a good 4 hours on the flight back. The battery went down 2 bars on the way there, and didn't go down at all on the flight back. So the battery is pretty darn good. Sound quality is fine, too. It doesn't...
I've actually totally given up on playing music from my phone. I've just moved on to buy a Fiio x5. 
My source is just my computer. I play mostly FLAC files through Foobar 2000 sent out to my schiit modi then to my schiit asgard 2. The trouble is that it's just too bright and there's very little body to it. They sound spacious and airy, except there's little bass and the mids seem lacking. Any amp recommendations (~$300)?
Hey guys, sorry if this question has been asked before, but it's just very tedious to sort through nearly 150 pages of responses.    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good ~$300 amp that will even out the treble and add some more bass and mids? I currently am using the Schiit Asgard 2 and it's just too bright and harsh for me.    Thanks!
I recently purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic T90s and have been absolutely amazed by them. However, I have found them to be too bright, harsh, and missing warmth and body. I am currently pairing them with the Schiit Asgard 2, which I originally got for my Mad Dogs, and have not been so happy with the sound that this pairing has to offer. Can you recommend any amplifiers that will fix this problem? I'm looking to keep it at or under $300, but if there's really no solution...
I'm not so sure on the iPod touch or iPod shuffle's ability to power the Mad Dogs. While I am looking into some FiiO products (mainly the x3 and x5), I don't know if they can power the Mad Dogs either.
Whoops, was thinking of a portable DAC/Amp. Edited the post.
I'm in love with these headphones and would like to be able to use them around the house or in the car. Do you have any recommendations for a ~$300 portable set up? I would prefer it to be either a portable DAC/Amp + Music player or just a music player. Thanks!
There are two that I know: Denon Music Player and Neutron. Both require a bit of messing around to set up, and you have to pay for Neutron. With my current position, I'm honestly considering buying a high quality music player instead of trying to get my phone to sound good.
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