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Sorry, random question..   Can anyone suggest a place to buy these in the U.K (online or off) No where i've seen posts to the UK (if they do it's more expensive than the headphones!)   Thanks guys :)
Got mine in the post today :D   Can't wait to get home and try them out :)
I have no idea how to EQ anything lol, im a complete noob to this. Gonna look into it tho   Thanks for the advice guys :)
Awesome! thanks :D   Got them for £7.95 off amazon cheap as chips!!
Random post here sorry.. I was looking at the start of the thread, would you still recommend the SHE3580 or is there a newer/better model out now? Thanks
Anyone know of a good site to buy these on in the UK, Amazon only has the FX1X or the FX101 at the minute..
Brilliant thread!   Thank you :D
Finally broke down for that reason (my music was skipping) and ordered a set of FR201's for my HTC (good excuse i thought, hehe)  
  Yay finally a reason to why my tracks skip all over the place! I thought my phone was having a fit   Thank you!!
    lol wow... i only read down as far as the Technical Details which says 10mm drivers, yet the Product Description says 8.5mm... weird   Thanks for your help :D Gonna order these in a bit
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