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Beautiful avatar... Must be a good photographer. ;)
I'd say the clamping force is a bit lighter. The big difference is however that the pads and headphone don't have the "roll inwards towards the nose"-feeling. With LCD-2 r2 and LCD-3, the fluffier pads tend to create an inward rotation... the modded HE-5 doesn't have that problem. The HD800 is conciderably lighter and also "aerier". They convey the feeling of not wearing headphones. As good as the Code-X might be, it's close... but no cigar.
Keep which plain plastic cups? ;)
Good luck with the sale. Those are really two killers amps.
Sold to JinPuan
I got one of these for sale. Not using it as I like to build my own cables. Original box included of course!   100 USD 80 USD   ----------------------------- Copper 22 $129.00   Transparent in sound and compact in size, this Copper 22 Balanced to Balanced has become the reference interconnect in many balanced portable listening set-ups.  An excellent choice for the listener looking to enjoy the benefits of balanced components while on the go. Hand built from...
Speaker cables sold to perrew
 Don't reply to an international thread in swedish. Unfortunately the items you requested are already spoken for. Cheers,V
 Will bring some stuff mate!
Closed this thread, opened a new one for the last remaining cables.
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