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 I know mate. :) I was just kidding that contemplating about a future product when a new product has been released that does just that. At least 4 pairs confirmed due to MuppetFace's serial. These babies will be rare.
 That's where the Code-X comes in... A ultra-modded HE-5 that sounds like a HD800 in terms of imaging/sound stage but retains it's ortho heritage. :)
[fanboy]   For those wondering...   Code-X + ALO Rx-3B is a perfect match. The level of detail is absurd. I'm hearing reverb and dubbed vocal tracks that I haven't even heard on the M51 + ZDSE + modded HD800. I'm stunned. It's beyond my understanding how an "old" headphone with some modding materials + a dummy head w/ computer and the mind of Luis can create this.   [/fanboy]
LFF's Code-X & Paradox + Anax 2.0-HD800 will be available to test at European CanJam 20-22 September.   Interested can send a PM as I'm planning to listen and not sit by a table waiting for people to listen to my obscurities. ;)
 Smoother. Tighter bass. Less sibilance. Better soundstage and separation. As mentioned earlier, don't think Luis has too many HE-5's left. So if I saw a used HE-5... I'd pick it up pretty darn quick. :)
Not to be rude mate, I gladly answer questions... But did you read the previous page? ;)
Right now-now-now I'm driving them unbalanced from my Zana. But that is a far from optimal pairing. Within a couple of days I'll be driving it from a fresh CLAS-dB + ALO Rx3-B balanced. Loved that combo with the Paradox, so looking forward to recieving my new stack (the old stack got stolen, long story). In about 2-3 months I'll be driving them balanced from a supersymmetry Dynahi (a.k.a. Dynamite)   Cheers, V
Because he only attained the sound he was after with the HE-5 driver. The other ones didn't respond well to the methods that exist for modyfying the sound.   This is as elaborate I can get, since I'm no expert in orthodynamic diapraghms. But there are a few experts on this forum and others that probably can give a good lecture on driver tension, sensitivity, over-ringing, under-damping etc. etc. etc.   Hey even Audez'e can explain, what happened with the veiled LCD-3's...
No imperial cable this and that. I don't believe in cables. And I've made all sorts of different types.   What you pay for is   1) A NOS HE-5 (not easy to find) 2) He's secret damping scheme, that took over a year (yeah... trust me... I paid for these in december 2012, and he had already worked on his own pair for several years) 3) The custom wood cups (to avoid cracking etc) 4) MiniXLR's (because the HiFiMAN-connectors are useless) 5) Quality assurance. No difference...
  NOS = New Old Stock     That's a purely aesthetic mod (excl. the mini-XLR sockets, that fall inte to the "practical" department).   The Code-X offers, let's go through it once again...   1) New wooden cups 2) New wooden blocks on the gimbal 3) New soft leather angled ear pads 4) New soft leather headband 5) Custom damping/equalization of the drivers/enclosure to fundamentally change the sound of the drivers   + some extra stuff as mentioned before in earlier...
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