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As most of you guys can see... Not much is left stock. New wooden ear cups New wodden gimbal blocks New cushy black leather head New ear pads seem to me stuffed HiFiMAN-pleather, however. tihey don't look like HiFiMAN-pleathers... so for now, unsure what excatly they are dual 4-pin XLR connectors á la Audez'e 6 ft nylon sleeved quad-braid terminated in 4-pin XLR (M) 4 pin-XLR (F) to 1/8" TRS 1/8" TRS to 1/4" TRS 1 Beige headphone/cable bag 1 Black (leather) hardcase...
  I can't honestly say yet. Don't have a good amp to drive them fully with yet. My Zana Deux SE is a god-sent amp for the Anax 2.0-HD800. However it is far from optimal driving the 87 dB/mW (probably lower due to additional damping etc) and 25 Ohms impedance.   However the impressive results I have attained with such a far from perfect amp... Makes me want to finish my solid state-current-pumping amp ASAP.
  Somewhere in the viscinity of 1000-1200 USD.  That of course includes the NOS HE-5 which he has a very limited stock of.   Can't say exactly since my total of 1375 USD includes S&H for my order with tracking to Sweden, as well as another S&H for another shipment that Luis helped me wih.
You guys might want to check this thread:   :)
Ok...   A long kept secret has finally been released. As the Paradox fanboy I am... I own #001.   What can I say. Luis has done it again. Amazing soundstage, detail, percieved as flat frequecy response. Tight and deep bass. Mids and voices are to die for. Sparkly treble without harshness. Yeah, everything is fantastic. Not a fantastic pairing with ZDSE. Too low impedance for an OTL-amp to have a good chance of driving them with authority.   So... I have to...
1 cable sold to kkcc
One cable sold to kkcc.
2 cables sold to jshin23
Cable in Picture 1 sold to DemonFox (he was first of several interested guys)
Back from vacation. I will answer all PMs sent as soon as possible.
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