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Okay... I got a bunch of different cables here. Probably "useless" for a lot of people. But one man's junk another mans treasure.     The STUFF   Abbreviations M = male F = female TRS = tip-ring-sleeve NN = no name   AUDIO CABLES:   A1 - Monster cable SPDIF/Toslink 1?2? m A2 - NN SPDIF/Toslink 1? m A3 - NN Dual RCA M to Dual RCA M 5 m A4 - NN Dual RCA F to stereo 3,5 mm TRS 15 cm A5 - NN Dual RCA M to stereo 3,5 mm TRS 2 m A6 - NN 3,5 mm TRS M to 3,5 mm...
One cable sold to Ony38
I was just asked per PM what I the CodeX sounds like...   Hi xxx!   I'm still baffled by how fantastic the CodeX is...   To be honest, to me it sounds like a mix of the following:   1) Soundstage and instrument placement of the HD800 2) Mids of the HE500/LCD-2r1 3) Bass like 90% of LCD-3   Sounds too good to be true?   1) Don't order them and write me off as a fanboy 2) Order them and thank me later   ---   After writing that I think that it should be...
 M-Dac is an adequate DAC for the rest of the chain. And regarding amp and headphones. If I were you I'd start saving for a HD800-rig. However as I wrote in the PM. Don't jump in to the chain of HD800-buyers that bought it, then sold it and said it was bright. The HD800 can be bright (although that is to some extent easily fixed). But to unleash it fully... I'd say at least a EC Super 7 / Zana Deux. And an equal amount of cash in the DAC-section. And that's at least....
 I answered your PM. You seem to want to spend money. Be happy with the HE-500 + LF399. That is a very cost-efficient solution to very good sound.Don't waste your hard earned money on a power cord.You don't want to buy a super-expensive headphone and amp, but a power cord is fine? Come on mate...That cash that you have.... Save it for a better amp + headphone or invest in a better source, as you didn't specify what source you are using./V
 I know mate. :) I was just kidding that contemplating about a future product when a new product has been released that does just that. At least 4 pairs confirmed due to MuppetFace's serial. These babies will be rare.
 That's where the Code-X comes in... A ultra-modded HE-5 that sounds like a HD800 in terms of imaging/sound stage but retains it's ortho heritage. :)
[fanboy]   For those wondering...   Code-X + ALO Rx-3B is a perfect match. The level of detail is absurd. I'm hearing reverb and dubbed vocal tracks that I haven't even heard on the M51 + ZDSE + modded HD800. I'm stunned. It's beyond my understanding how an "old" headphone with some modding materials + a dummy head w/ computer and the mind of Luis can create this.   [/fanboy]
LFF's Code-X & Paradox + Anax 2.0-HD800 will be available to test at European CanJam 20-22 September.   Interested can send a PM as I'm planning to listen and not sit by a table waiting for people to listen to my obscurities. ;)
 Smoother. Tighter bass. Less sibilance. Better soundstage and separation. As mentioned earlier, don't think Luis has too many HE-5's left. So if I saw a used HE-5... I'd pick it up pretty darn quick. :)
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