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C! Congratulations on the ZDSE... and thanks for letting me buy your original prospect.A year later it becomes yours. Let me know if you need any interesting tubes, I got some in the stash... Cheers,V
http://vorzuge.com/products/vorzamp/vorzamppure-ii   Prices are starting to get ALO Audio / RSA-ridiculous.   Too bad, at least the 1st gen was a pretty good amp, overpriced but good. Now they fixed the problems with the first gen and bump it up 135 USD. For what... A gain switch? HAH.   That's just robbing people.   But the AK100 & AK120 are selling so, people will no doubt buy this 2 gen too.   /V
So... How many (future) owners do we have here?
Harald is a really cool guy! I've mailed with him on numerous occasions, but that was the first time we met (by mistakes... he sat in the chair between while I was a bit disappointed by the Orpheus-system or rather the music playing).He has heard a lot of heaphones but I think both my Anax-modded and ReferenceSounds-modded phones impressed him. :)
Beautiful avatar... Must be a good photographer. ;)
I'd say the clamping force is a bit lighter. The big difference is however that the pads and headphone don't have the "roll inwards towards the nose"-feeling. With LCD-2 r2 and LCD-3, the fluffier pads tend to create an inward rotation... the modded HE-5 doesn't have that problem. The HD800 is conciderably lighter and also "aerier". They convey the feeling of not wearing headphones. As good as the Code-X might be, it's close... but no cigar.
Keep which plain plastic cups? ;)
Good luck with the sale. Those are really two killers amps.
Sold to JinPuan
I got one of these for sale. Not using it as I like to build my own cables. Original box included of course!   100 USD 80 USD   ----------------------------- Copper 22 $129.00   Transparent in sound and compact in size, this Copper 22 Balanced to Balanced has become the reference interconnect in many balanced portable listening set-ups.  An excellent choice for the listener looking to enjoy the benefits of balanced components while on the go. Hand built from...
New Posts  All Forums: