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They're quite different...6SL7/ECC35 is a high gain tube, while 6SN7/ECC32 is a more moderately gain tube.The heater current of ECC35 is 0,4AWhile ECC32 s 0,95AOften this part limits it's use... If an amp is made for 6SN7 it's possible that 6SL7 can be used (lower current-needs) however, 6SL7 can be operated at higher voltages, up to 550V while 6SN7 is limited to 300V.In short... Under some conditions, 6SL7 can be used on 6SN7-amps, however, there's quite a difference in...
One cable sold to DemonFox
 I've been considering that one too... Or rather the TUR-06... Would like some more data on it like, which heater current etc. is applied. After Pan Am and Continental, I'm pretty fed up with tubes being operated out of their optimal range.Let me know how it sounds! :)
Thx for all the answers! So in short it's actually a pre-out.... Sweet Since ECC35 Mullard's are damn expensive, but the output tubes are not...
A curious question... Sold off my speakers and preamp/power amp last year, so I can't try... But... The ZDSE does it have: 1) Line Out (fixed level signal that has passed through the preamp stage) or 2) Pre Out (variable level signal that has passed through the preamp stage) or 3) Loop Out (unmodified signal, hasn't passed through anything, the ZDSE can be shut down and still send the signal) Thx guys, V
Sold to Mooses9
Updated with two blanced cables for Audez'e.
Some price drops.   Need to make room for more experiments. :)
Three cables sold to xdfjdkz
This little baby cost 85 GBP/100 EUR brand new. Only selling it because my portable stack got stolen. Yeah, I know. It sucks big time.   In very-very good condition.   S&H incl. tracking = 15 EUR (I will not sell without tracking as another cable I sent without never arrived, and it sucks for both me and the buyer!)   PP-gift or add 4%
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