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Hey mate, I bought an updated 2A3, so it's more of a side-grade than uprade. :) I want to start experimenting with high efficiency speakers.' All the best,V
I think Luis will do everything you ask, especially if you're a government official from Washington.
In case anyone's interested... As much as I hate doing it. My ZDSE is up for sale. It's a 110V-version, residing in Sweden.   Cheers, V
Included: ZDSE amp + 110 V PSU Umblilical cable US IEC-cable (hospital grade) 1 pair Ulyanovsk 6C33C-B power tubes 3 different pairs of Svetlana 6D22S rectifiers 1 Ken-Rad VT229 (made in 40's/50's) 1 RCA VT229 (made in 40's/50's) 1 National Union 6SL7 And original shipping container made in wood.   Condition: Mint. Not a single (obvious) scratch. Been very well taken care of.   S&H within Sweden: 55 EUR S&H within European Union: 122 EUR S&H WordWide: 220...
Let me know if you need any unusual stuff. Tangotubes.com (Roland) is a swede that I have good contact with and he has a lot of premium tubes. Not cheap. But definitely NOS as in NOS.
 Hi mate! I prefer the Tall Black Base... It's a bit more neutral while the short brown base was a bit more euphonic. It's a matter of taste. So try them out, pick the one you prefer (... and the differences aren't THAT big...) Regarding the Full Music & Sophia Electric. The official story is that some of the best tubes are branded Sophia Electric and sold directly to them. Wether this is actually true and justifying the price. I haven't had the pleasure (?) to give them a...
C! Congratulations on the ZDSE... and thanks for letting me buy your original prospect.A year later it becomes yours. Let me know if you need any interesting tubes, I got some in the stash... Cheers,V
http://vorzuge.com/products/vorzamp/vorzamppure-ii   Prices are starting to get ALO Audio / RSA-ridiculous.   Too bad, at least the 1st gen was a pretty good amp, overpriced but good. Now they fixed the problems with the first gen and bump it up 135 USD. For what... A gain switch? HAH.   That's just robbing people.   But the AK100 & AK120 are selling so, people will no doubt buy this 2 gen too.   /V
So... How many (future) owners do we have here?
Harald is a really cool guy! I've mailed with him on numerous occasions, but that was the first time we met (by mistakes... he sat in the chair between while I was a bit disappointed by the Orpheus-system or rather the music playing).He has heard a lot of heaphones but I think both my Anax-modded and ReferenceSounds-modded phones impressed him. :)
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