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Welcome to Sweden! Drop me a PM in the future and I can share some sweet spots to check out while here! Back to topic... Hifimanrookie... What will you be driving the CodeX with?
This weather is not complying well with parcels... I have a Eddie Current 2A3 stuck somewhere between France and Sweden, nobody knows exactly where, even though i have a DHL tracking number as well as several parcls with cigars somewhere between US and Sweden. Be patient.. ;)
Hi! I am not the original owner, so I don't have the original invoice. I think it is about 2-3 years old. If you plan on using it in EU a 220-240 to 110-120 V transformer good for about 200-300 W should do it. No further issues. Kind regards,Valentin
The whole package weighs 44-45 lbs and is 26x21x10 inches // 65x53x25 cms; so shipping within EU is 123 €.
Hey mate, I bought an updated 2A3, so it's more of a side-grade than uprade. :) I want to start experimenting with high efficiency speakers.' All the best,V
I think Luis will do everything you ask, especially if you're a government official from Washington.
In case anyone's interested... As much as I hate doing it. My ZDSE is up for sale. It's a 110V-version, residing in Sweden.   Cheers, V
Included: ZDSE amp + 110 V PSU Umblilical cable US IEC-cable (hospital grade) 1 pair Ulyanovsk 6C33C-B power tubes 3 different pairs of Svetlana 6D22S rectifiers 1 Ken-Rad VT229 (made in 40's/50's) 1 RCA VT229 (made in 40's/50's) 1 National Union 6SL7 And original shipping container made in wood.   Condition: Mint. Not a single (obvious) scratch. Been very well taken care of.   S&H within Sweden: 55 EUR S&H within European Union: 122 EUR S&H WordWide: 220...
Let me know if you need any unusual stuff. Tangotubes.com (Roland) is a swede that I have good contact with and he has a lot of premium tubes. Not cheap. But definitely NOS as in NOS.
 Hi mate! I prefer the Tall Black Base... It's a bit more neutral while the short brown base was a bit more euphonic. It's a matter of taste. So try them out, pick the one you prefer (... and the differences aren't THAT big...) Regarding the Full Music & Sophia Electric. The official story is that some of the best tubes are branded Sophia Electric and sold directly to them. Wether this is actually true and justifying the price. I haven't had the pleasure (?) to give them a...
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