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Want me to see if I can help you finding a NOS one? Not Anax 3.0 yet... He who not must be named here, I hope you understand even if you don't agree (), hasn't made the 3.0 public yet. /V
Thx guys!   UPDATE: I'm throwing in a free Omega-style piano glossy headphone stand. You won't find these anywhere else... As I made 20 black pairs and 20 white pairs custom made about 1 year ago... Yeah... All the ones you've seen came from my custom order. ;)
I loved that baby... But Anax-modding the HD800 w/ the Tall Black Base became my fave.. :) /V
Time to sale my favourite closed headphone. With some sadness in my eyes, but hey. I''m getting married. Gotta crop down.   PICTURES: (my headphone, my article, my pictures)   ----- Included: Grey luxurious headphone bag Universal adapter cable build by me for EVERYTHING.(easily worth 250€) - 3 ft terminated in 4 pin mini-XLR (the main one) - 4 tails: One aprox 3  ft terminated in 1/4"; One aprox 5...
Great Michael! :)
I'm not getting into thos discussion...   Whatever floats your boat, as long as it has about 500 mW into 32-50 Ohms if the power is refined. Speaker amp this and that, ridiculous.   The CodeX is my favorite planar up date (excl. the Abyss, as I haven't had the possibility to listen to it yet). HD800 my favorite dynamic (excl.R10, same reason as prior). When I want soundstage and hyper-detail I go for HD800. When I want a bit more ooomph, I go for the CodeX. Which is...
Welcome to Sweden! Drop me a PM in the future and I can share some sweet spots to check out while here! Back to topic... Hifimanrookie... What will you be driving the CodeX with?
This weather is not complying well with parcels... I have a Eddie Current 2A3 stuck somewhere between France and Sweden, nobody knows exactly where, even though i have a DHL tracking number as well as several parcls with cigars somewhere between US and Sweden. Be patient.. ;)
Hi! I am not the original owner, so I don't have the original invoice. I think it is about 2-3 years old. If you plan on using it in EU a 220-240 to 110-120 V transformer good for about 200-300 W should do it. No further issues. Kind regards,Valentin
The whole package weighs 44-45 lbs and is 26x21x10 inches // 65x53x25 cms; so shipping within EU is 123 €.
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