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Everything is included that comes stock. Cartons. Instructions manual. Chargers, rubber bands etc. etc.   CLAS -dB is Silver, the 2V-version Rx3 is Black, regular version   On top of that I add a short right angeled 3,5 to 3,5 mm & ultra short 4-pin balanced to 4-pin balanced. Also included usb mini to lightning & usb mini to 30-pin idevice-connector.   + some frrebies (inivisble 3M ultra-thin "velcro")   Shipping via Swedish post aproximately 30-40 EUR. Paymen...
The amp w/ accessories weighs about 700 grams. The cheapest shipping option is untracked parcel, which costs 154 SEK (17 EUR). However, I will only accept PayPal-gift with this option and only to a buyer with high trader feedback (>10 positive).   Kind regards, V
Hi! Send a PM if you're interested.
I have one extra, however, I'm pretty sure that it won't work, as you'll need a Lightning to USB (iPad Camera Connection Kit, as it gives OTG) AND a USB to mini USB-cable.
Shipping (tracking, insured, express) = 225 SEK = 24,96 EUR = 25 EUR   /V
Re-opened. Buyer had to pull out.
Re-opened, buyer had to pull out.
Nope...   Clearing out inventory that isn't used.   /V
Sale pending...
Sale pending...
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