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So typical...   Received my pair of 5693's from the US. The postage almost cost as much as the tubes. Anyways plugged them in yesterday with 6080WB's... Sounded clearer but a bit smaller soundstage, much clearer bass texture etc... Used them for 8 hs yesterday.   Started the amp up this morning a quite thick hum from one of the channels... Darn it... Switched driver tubes L/R. Hum switched channel...   And today I'm receiving my 5998's and 7236's... Was...
I might add that the cable material alone is aprox 400 USD from ALO Audio, not counting in the connectors etc.
Haven't had time to shoot a picture today. Hopefully tomorrow.   A part from not being my picture it's exactly identical except for no logotype on the heatshrinks.
I already have a La Figaro 339 w/ 5998's and 7236's + RCA Reds 5693's.... It is amazing... Don't have words for it.   I just want to know how "large" the downgrade in sound will be when I'm portable or if I should ignore the LCD-2's (and subsequently The Continental) completely when it comes to transportable/portable and focus on maybe a ALO Rx + which is from what i've read better suited for CIEMs..
I've flagged it for moderation, but since it's no big deal, it'll happen when it happens! :)   Good luck with the sale!
Aside from the "frequency" of sound. (It's great to know that it has a good frequency response with the LCD's.)   How would you compare soundstage, "accuracy/speed" etc?   Thanks!
How would compare it to LA339 with a good pair of tubes, say TS5998's + RCA5693's?
This belongs in "Sources" and not "Amplification". :)
I'm copying my post from the LCD-2-thread since the LCD-3 is the next big upcoming investment (after maybe an ALO Audio Continental v2)...   Has anyone tried the LCD-3 w/ ALO Audio The Continental v2?   Just wondering what to expect. Since I have a destop rig that drives them (read: LCD-2) very well, don't wanna get too "disappointed". Already did it once with a Burson Audio HA-160D, which I sold of a few days later due to hype vs. sound quality/price.   Tx,
I've copied the description below from another ad for exactly the same cable sold recently here on the for sale.   This is the same cable that Six Moons reviewer Srajan Ebaen used to review the LCD-2 and gave the blue moon award. It is 8-conductor heavy gauge cable intended to improve the sound quality of the LCD-2/3 phones to a new level. The retail price of this cable was in excess of $600+. The cable length is 8ft. and terminated with furutech 1/4" heavy duty...
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