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Mmmm.... TS5998.....    Too bad you ain't sporting a dark Leffe. THAT would have been perfection.
  If you lower the volume out in Windows/MacOS or in the audio player you're using, you're lowering the dynamic range that reaches your DAC... Not a good idea. People rave about 24 bit etc... But unfortunately far too many do stuff like what you just mentioned. Lessen the signal that reaches the DAC. Doesn't matter if it's 16 bit or 24 bit (which is already a much larger dynamic range than the hair cells in the ears can handle) if you're actually feeding it 12 bit or 10...
You'll have to get a: 3.5 mm to RCA and then get RCA=>Mono 6.3 mm adapters So it becomes 3.5 mm to dual mono 6.3 mm (I've never seen such a "stock cable", but maybe you'll find one if you look thoroughly)   I'll update you how it sounds if I get one. First I have to rule down all the basics. Never been that much into production-grade equipment until now. Although I know that Behringer usually do their job well (from non-audiophile mixing/mastering friends).
Another thing to add is contrary to common belief, an amplifier doesn't always "amplify" the signal therefore your logic is a bit wrong.   I can fully understand your viewpoint. "It's already loud enough, why would I want to make it louder?"   Therefore, very simplified consider an amplifier as a "regulator" of both voltage/current to be able to drive different loads (headphones) without distortion.
What about this one? http://www.thomann.de/se/behringer_fbq3102_ultragraph_pro.htm No digital-processing (I think), balanced and unbalanced out + 31 band Stereo EQ .. 122 €   Another question. Can one purchase some kind of "case", since i'm not going to rack-mount it?
Hi!   As the title states, I'm in the search of a good hardware EQ to put between my USB-DAC and my headphone-amp.   The price would be somewhere between 200-500 USD. So far I've found "Technical Pro" as a brand, but they only offer aprox 80 dB S/N.   Any tips? Would be kindly appericiated. Everything seems to be DSP nowadays, but I want to keep this part analog...
  Of course... Is "Extreme (320 kbit)" available on the DX100 with the current firmware? Or just "normal" (92) and "high" (160)?
A quick question. Is it possible to run Spotify on the DX100 (and successfully sync playlists into offline mode with Spotify Premium)?
A quick question. Is it possible to run Spotify on the DX100 (and successfully sync playlists into offline mode with Spotify Premium)?
  I think you're just rushing it too much. The beauty about head-fi is learning the components, finding your own signature and what you like. In my opinion you can't go from a 1972 Fiat to a 2012 Ferrari. Well of course you can but what if you want a pickup-truck instead?   What I'm trying to say is. Take it easy.... Don't let the "gotta have it all as soon as possible" kill the joy of finding out what "it all" actually is for you.   If I were you i'd buy a used pair of...
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