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  Of course... Is "Extreme (320 kbit)" available on the DX100 with the current firmware? Or just "normal" (92) and "high" (160)?
A quick question. Is it possible to run Spotify on the DX100 (and successfully sync playlists into offline mode with Spotify Premium)?
A quick question. Is it possible to run Spotify on the DX100 (and successfully sync playlists into offline mode with Spotify Premium)?
  I think you're just rushing it too much. The beauty about head-fi is learning the components, finding your own signature and what you like. In my opinion you can't go from a 1972 Fiat to a 2012 Ferrari. Well of course you can but what if you want a pickup-truck instead?   What I'm trying to say is. Take it easy.... Don't let the "gotta have it all as soon as possible" kill the joy of finding out what "it all" actually is for you.   If I were you i'd buy a used pair of...
  I'm not saying that they're not high-end. They used to be a flagship model only 3-4 years ago.   However, since he's already talking about buying the HD800, it would be wise to audition the similarly priced models compared to it. Some people have already decided to jump for the flagship model even though I'd invest my money differently.     Classical music and "Modern" Symphonic Metal are two quite different genres.   What is your price limit? How much do you want to...
You should also check the "For Sale"-forum, you can save a lot on cables since they usually go for 50-70% used of new RRP.
If you're going for a high-end headphone you should try Audez'e LCD-2 / HD800 / Beyerdynamic T1 etc...   What music do you listen to? How light-weight should the headphone be etc... I advise you to not buy just by the "Sennheiser"-brand since if you look at their high-end products HD650 / HD700 / HD800 / IE8 etc.. They have a somewhat different sound signature...
I must ask one thing though... Why HD650 and then HD800? Since they sound quite different...   As a HD650-"upgrader" the LCD-2 has the same soundsignature but "better". As someone stated previously AKG Q701/K701 is more like the little brother of HD800. However, they're about 60 Ohms.   Just want to understand your reasoning. Do you like Sennheiser as a brand or is it the fact that they're both 300 Ohms?
I'd buy a pair of used HD650's, there are a lot in the For Sale-section + a used Darkvoice/La Figaro, there's a supermodified Darkvoice 336 in the for sale. I'd recommend it "blindly".
I used to think I drove my HD650 fine via the headphone jack on my Marantz PM7004. That changed when I realized I could drive them better via my Leckerton Audio UHA-4, that changed.... Fubar IV Plus... that changed.... Burson HA-160D, that changed.... La Figaro 339 w/ stock tubes, that changed... La Figaro with Tung Sol 5998's + RCA Reds 5693...   There's always a point where costs meet performance.   My humble opinion is that Darkvoice (now: La FIgaro) are probably the...
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