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I'm selling two almost finished projects that i just can't find the time to do them justice.   99% of all parts are purchased. 90% of the job is already done.   What remains is: - Soldering a few transistors, resistors and caps. - Ordering from Schaffer (the front plates + top plates of the chassi), custom design is already finished (will be provided) and Pessante enclosure from Hifi2000 - Ordering some missing components from Mouser or Conrad or Digikey (max 50€...
Sold to davidsh
Custom Audez'e-type cable.   1 pc aprox 4 ft terminated in 4-pin mini-XLR male 4 pig tails terminated in 1/8", 1/4", 4-pin ALO/RSA and 4-pin XLR   Price 100€; S&H in EU about 20€ Add 4% via PayPal, otherwise PP-gift   No trades!
I started that thread, and my first post was edited, since I linked to the place we musn't discuss. I'm staying out of this as of now. It's a great headphone at a great price. Whoever desires it. Let me know.
The only way to discuss till mod properly is to consult another website, and thus the second of the rules is broken. The components are creatology foam and rug liner, the how and why however, needs to be based on subjective impressions and measurements, discussed in other places.
 "I hope you understand, even if you don't agree."
Hi!   I can't discuss the Anax 2.0-mod, as the creator of these was banned from Head-Fi and thus, it's not allowed to discuss the mod. I advise you to search for this, in the normal manner that you would search the web.   I am the second owner, and they were purchased almost brand new from the first. I've had them for about 1,5 years. They have a serial number around 14000.   There are several people that have shown interest. First with the funds gets them. If you...
Pictures updated!
Hi!   It's just for sale as a bundle right now.   /V
Sennheiser HD800 w/ Anax 2.0 mods Sounds amazing...   Included: Original papers + manual (not in pictures) Display box (not in pictures) Retail box (not in pictures) Custom 8 ft 4 individual NPC in black nylon sheating terminated in Neutrik 4-pin XLR male Modded original cable terminated in mini 4-pin XLR male (no termination adapters supplied, I advise buyer to build what they need)   Selling due to downsizing my rig to 1 DAC, 1 headphone amplifier and 1...
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