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Home made by me.   Wire used NPC 24AWG multistranded in Quad-litz configuration.
For sale is my TWAg v2 with overmolded connectors for standard 2-pin CIEMs. It's about 120 cm long. With rosewood splitter and terminated in straight Oyaide 1/8". It's been used for about 12 months. The cable is in good condition, however the wire tubing has darkened in some places. Noticeable if you inspect it closely.   Buyer pays S&H and PP-fees. Price 100€, 80€   Cheers, V
Gotta change some priorities in life therefore I'm selling off all my DIY-connectors and wire/cable. I will not split it up. You as a buyer are free to sell off parts that you may or may not need.   The parts costs are way >500€ .   Included: 4 x HD800 connectors male (2 pairs) 8 x 4-pin mini-XLR female (4 pairs, metal, as used by Toxic-Cables) 2 x 4-pin mini-XLR female (1 pair, metal+plastic) 2 x 4-pin mini-XLR male (metal) 2 x VALAB Rhodium/Carbon fiber 3-pin...
Just to clarify. They are sold as is. If I would have the time to finish them I would. Due to work and family, I gotta change my priorities. I will offer some support/assistance to the buyer of course.   /V
I'm selling two almost finished projects that i just can't find the time to do them justice.   99% of all parts are purchased. 90% of the job is already done.   What remains is: - Soldering a few transistors, resistors and caps. - Ordering from Schaffer (the front plates + top plates of the chassi), custom design is already finished (will be provided) and Pessante enclosure from Hifi2000 - Ordering some missing components from Mouser or Conrad or Digikey (max 50€...
Sold to davidsh
Custom Audez'e-type cable.   1 pc aprox 4 ft terminated in 4-pin mini-XLR male 4 pig tails terminated in 1/8", 1/4", 4-pin ALO/RSA and 4-pin XLR   Price 100€; S&H in EU about 20€ Add 4% via PayPal, otherwise PP-gift   No trades!
I started that thread, and my first post was edited, since I linked to the place we musn't discuss. I'm staying out of this as of now. It's a great headphone at a great price. Whoever desires it. Let me know.
The only way to discuss till mod properly is to consult another website, and thus the second of the rules is broken. The components are creatology foam and rug liner, the how and why however, needs to be based on subjective impressions and measurements, discussed in other places.
 "I hope you understand, even if you don't agree."
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