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I have owned a lot of headphones... a lot of amps/DACs... Life changed last year, and after some hefty downsizing I decided to keep my Code-X and my CIEMs. Retrospectively I got to face it. I haven't had the possibility to listen the the Code-X more than 10hs the last 18 months.   Therefore I find it only right that someone else gets the opportunity to own these. If you don't know what they are, maybe they aren't for you (no pun intended).   They are in pristine...
Sold to adamgdansk
Sold to evo6889
No trades!
No trades!
A NAD M51 in pristine condition. Everything included as new.   Shipping via DB-Schenker in the EU is 50 - 90 EUR. Payment via PayPal (+4%).
A Schiit Mjolnir in pristine condition.   Shipping via DB-Schenker around 50 - 90 EUR, depends on country. Payment via PayPal (+4%)   Also see my NAD M51, if interested I can combine shipping and also include balanced silver XLR-cables.
Try contacting LFF at FirePhoenixAudio@gmail.com to see what's up...
A matched pair of WE275 for sale. With everything included. About 100 hs on them. Always used in sessions of 4-5 hours. So no on-off-on-off.   Buyer pays PP and S&H.   Lowered from 300 to 250 ... to 200 €
Sold to maxfazer
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