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Just have to add in to my thread.   Code-X driven by EC 2A3 w/ upgraded tubes... pure musical (yeah... i know, it's a word to avoid) bliss. HD800 is still favourite, but the gap between them has been closed with a transformer-coupled amp.   /V
Well.... How's it going with all the exotic tubes you have? :)
Sold to a very lucky friend!
 No hum issues at all... I've even used my CIEMs with it... Some microphonics yes, noticeable hum, nahh... not exactly!
Oh... No no no... the difference are very subtle. So if you like your short brown base, stop obsessing! ;)
I paid 1600 SEK (182€/245$) for a NOS ECC35 (both black and brown base) from Roland @ Don't know if he has any left. Want me to check?
Want me to see if I can help you finding a NOS one? Not Anax 3.0 yet... He who not must be named here, I hope you understand even if you don't agree (), hasn't made the 3.0 public yet. /V
Thx guys!   UPDATE: I'm throwing in a free Omega-style piano glossy headphone stand. You won't find these anywhere else... As I made 20 black pairs and 20 white pairs custom made about 1 year ago... Yeah... All the ones you've seen came from my custom order. ;)
I loved that baby... But Anax-modding the HD800 w/ the Tall Black Base became my fave.. :) /V
Time to sale my favourite closed headphone. With some sadness in my eyes, but hey. I''m getting married. Gotta crop down.   PICTURES: (my headphone, my article, my pictures)   ----- Included: Grey luxurious headphone bag Universal adapter cable build by me for EVERYTHING.(easily worth 250€) - 3 ft terminated in 4 pin mini-XLR (the main one) - 4 tails: One aprox 3  ft terminated in 1/4"; One aprox 5...
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