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Do you like those neutrik jacks. I think the end has a very sharp edge that will cut through your cables, what is your experience?
Very nice setup. Hoe does it sound?
Check the Fiio site, they sell a nice iPod dock/USB connector.
You lucky bastard;)
Dr Dre - Still Dre
How are the Pro's, I had the studio's, but they are to over bassed and to overprised.
I only know that he makes perfect cables and personal adjustments, it's better that you ask him by yourself. Good luck.
Piano Man by Billy Joel
It's unfortunate that I can't challenge you;)
That's unfortunate, actually, I never seen a LOD in a audio shop on the street. They are only sold on the internet. So I think ebay is the best option for an affortable LOD with nice looks and quality. Good luck with your search. 
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