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I'm surprised to see that the Q701s are an improvement to the K701s in EVERY way... even when a company tweaks the driver, there are always some small flaws that's brought in. A bit unrealistic if you ask me. I had the chance to audition the Q701s not too long ago, along with many other headphones. Here is my somewhat negative impression of the Q701s. However, I do acknowledge the possibility of having listened to a "bad" Q701 since the production of these headphones are...
I've heard good things about the HRT but the Schitt asgard? Hmm iono. 
What the hell I'm so confused now :(    I know my opening "A" on the Cello is A= 440 hertz. I divided that number by 2, which would give me A = 220 on the G string... but wait a min.    Actually now I"m starting to realize the possibility of cello A = 220 hertz, but people tune with A =440 hertz just out of convenience, since the violins  are an octave higher... that's the only possible explanation.... 
Is it really possible for an amp to change the frequency response? As in make the mids recessed, treble emphasized, etc. Is that what coloration is? I notice messing with the EQ changes the "color" of the sound, for reasons I can't really understand.    Oh and how do tube amps distort the sound exactly? 
Ah shizz. I made another mistake *facepalm. The opening G is actually closer to around 220 hertz. I can't do simple math :(  
Yeah. If TC has a piano, and knows where middle C is, he can easily find A = 400 hertz. Basically TC, an octave above doubles the hertz and an octave lower halves the hertz.    So if you go 8 notes below the A, the A = 220 hertz. 
Ugh saw three people with a Beats headphone at Starbucks today. How do they listen to music out of that muddy piece of necklace? 
Of course there are open headphones with a lot of bass. Problem is, all of them tend to have disappointing soundstages (HD650, HE-400, LCD-2,etc.). Don't get me wrong though since they still do have advantages that a closed headphone does not have: airiness, superior imaging, more realistic timbre, etc. 
Indeed... a very dark path. 
Aah I see. How would you say an Itouch/ Ipod compares with a standard onboard sound?
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