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I've seen a variety of comments regarding the 598s. Never have I heard anything about them having "too much midrange". Well except just now by MLE. I did hear some complaints about headphones like the AD-2000 though for having too emphasized of a midrange. 
Sorry I meant to say the HD 598, rather than the 595. Easy typo considering all these similar numbers.    As for your comment about the 598 having forward mids, sorry I think it's exaggerated. It seems forward because most headphones have recessed mids in comparison. But taking a look at the frequency response, it's actually very well balanced and close to neutral with a slight warmish tilt like tdock described. The K701/ Q701s are skewed towards the upper mids, and to a...
For the 650s in particular, an amp should be more important. Most DACs are sufficient enough to do the job. A voltage-loving headphone like the 650 really needs an amp. 
Hmm no one answered yet. Is my question too stupid? 
The change they should've made when they made the Q701 series... was the headband. I've been reading reviews of the K601. Seems like people have different opinions about it.    Yes the PC360s are identical to the HD 595. I actually do remember reading about MLE's impression about the PC360 having more bass than the HD 595. However, I do not think his impression involved a direct comparison. And I also read afterwards about how he said he was not sure which one had more...
Agreed... the 600 does not need any more rolled off treble. This is partly the reason why I prefer the 598s over the 600s. It's more engaging to listen to because the treble retains most of its energy - though still retaining a very non-fatiguing presentation. 
Does the balance of the frequency response around that higher region really fundamental in the way we hear the overtones? For instance, if we heard some note at A = 440, and the headphone had extended very well into the overtone range (880, 1760, etc.) would the A at 440 sound richer? 
The HD558 is something I haven't heard. I heard they definitely have more bass. However, your description of the 558 is quite different from everyone else's. I heard the 598's have noticeably more forward midrange, soundstage, and a greater refinement in the sound (probably the grill affects this). 
I do not know what DAC was used but the amps he had in his collection were all at least $500. Much more costly than the headphones themselves. I tried pairing some with tube amps and such, and for the Q701 in particular, it seemed to placate some of the problems (thinness, lack of air). But obviously with a tube amp, every aspect of sound is distorted - I simply tried it for fun.    I've never heard the K601. I'm very anxious to hear it though meanwhile, I'll look into...
Aha! So my theory was right on the spot! Not that it was difficult to come up with XD    Personally, I hate how they have a standard pitch for everything. A = 440 is really dull sounding imo, since you're so used to hearing it yet. Same with the concept of hearing a piece in C Major. You just hear it too often. Love listening to baroque recordings at A = 415, but once again, same problem. I really love listening to multiple renditions with different pitches set to...
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