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I have not tested these headphones for gaming but the Q701 will hardly be better than the AD700 when it comes to positional accuracy. Hardly. In fact, for music, the AD700 has more height to its imaging and far better depth as well. I don't really see how the Q701 could be better for gaming, and if it is, whether it's worth that extra price gap AND an amp to boot. You might as well go for the HD 558/598, both of which do not require an amp. And having done a direct...   That's probably the best review of several amps I've seen yet. The FiiO E7 is a very good amp/ dac for the price imo. 
Maybe a problem with amping? I've only personally listened to the DT880/600 but I remember reading from Tyll's article at Inner Fidelity that the 600 ohm version was far superior to the 32 ohm version. A tube amp should provide enough sufficient voltage to such a high impedance can, although maybe unfavorable distortion will occur. 
From my limited knowledge of amps, it will have tighter bass that extends better but it won't get heavier unless you EQ it. 
If you can't get a HD 598, you get a HD 558.    - a wise turtle    AD700 is just as good as the the others in terms of competitve gaming (hearing footsteps) but for sheer enjoyment...  They're "okay" with music but like you said, these are really lacking in bass. Someone who upgraded their AD700 thought the 598s had too much bass. Rofl. 
It's closer to low impedance than high impedance but it's quite insensitive, which isn't what the TC is looking for. 
Hmm well alternative rock is a very diverse genre. But I'll just tell you right now as I'm listening to the "In Rainbows" album, I don't think any headphone could sound better. The sheer soundstage, midrange, and non-fatiguing but energetic treble really makes the music come alive. Also these are amazing for live recordings and female vocals. Listening to Kimbra's "cameo lover" (live version on youtube) is incredible.    I listen to a couple Metallica, AC/DC, and...
Except that the D2000 is not good at noise isolating at all. I remember it could not block outside noise well at all - more open than closed design. I'm not positive how much sound leaks out but it probably isn't too good, and TC wants a good noise isolating phone.The AKG 550 are more versatile in this regard, though like all AKG headphones, they might be a pain to drive. I'm not sure though.    I think you should consider the Philips Uptown Citiscape. I've tried it out...
Agreed the 598 is a little too tame for metal (or anything that requires speed). TC, you can always try to EQ the bass. Not a bad solution. The bass does have a tight punch to it, and good extension with an amp. I really love these for alternative rock. 
I haven't heard them enough, nor had a reference to compare it. I didn't have my own music to use for experimental purposes either. Define "artificial" though... I hate how the M50's bass leaks into the midrange. The timbre is well produced but the sound spectrum is anything but natural. Not that you can expect many "natural" headphones out there. Here's the thing. Even if one person says the M50s are superior, you may not necessarily like their sound better. But judging...
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