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For both music and gaming, open headphones are superior. How do you plan on using these headphones? Indoors where it is quiet, would be the optimum environment to use these. If you need noise isolation, look at closed cans. 
Are you talking about the clamping force? If so, you could stretch these out more.    I like to wear the 598s slightly forwardish. 
Ah sorry :( . I thought it would mostly consist of USB cable topics. 
Any difference in sound quality if you were connecting your DAC between these laptop USB ports?
Yawn. Rest assured I'm not coming back to this thread. Some of you guys like the Q701 too much, and rather take things too personally when criticisms are involved. It's too dangerous to interfere with people's fantasies of their Q701s as near-perfect headphones. 
Even within a single post, you couldn't be more hypocritical.    "Again, I don't care about your impressions"    Okay so we all know you're an indifferent person who likes to live in his own world, without any curiosity for objective truth. What's ironic here is that you're offended by my impressions and trying to find some loophole to justify the way you heard them. Sure sounds like you don't care.     "The Q701 can sound dramatically different with every single source...
I'll give you that one. Perhaps I should have said, "From my numerous experiences with live performances, I can't possibly understand how people can perceive these headphones as anything but natural, especially in regards to their treble". But it's no less condescending than people who badger others for not using an amp. Clearly, some opinions are more authoritative than others, because they have more experience to back them up.    Sennheisers in general are far more...
Haven't directly compare them. However, the HD 558 was designed to have superior soundstage. 
"Every time I hear something with my own ears, you have to claim i'm wrong or give me this stupid rant about expectation bias and this other nonsense."    I never said you were wrong except from an objective point of view. In addition, I was implying that I've had troubles with the Q701's trebles even under the so-called "less analytical" DACs and that an ODAC probably would not have made much of a difference. In other words, even if I heard the Q701 + ODAC, my...
Grado SR-60 should sound good for metal, though you might want to EQ down the treble a tad. They are very fast compared to any of the Sennheisers so it would be a good pair to match with. 
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