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Posts by impoki02 New DN-23 review Rocky post in the release news. Solid looks as usual. 
Yeah, I agree with you consider DUNU's success on DN-12. I personally like it but it's a pity that I use my HTC as main player. With mic function would be a big plus for me.   I don't know why they don't make any earphone with Mic earlier. But Good job DUNU to take care to customer's need. Got to try one. 
Add it up, thanks.
Thanks for your advise but I agree with Swimsonny. The effect might be prominent somehow, however, many company including different shape tips already lol.   
Update some review should include some picture later. Any other tunable earphone on the market? Would be much appreciate if you name any, thanks.
Thanks PMAP and Swimsonny for the information.   So Another low C/P product from Meeletronic. SP51 and XePort 5010   Now DUNU Tai Chi and Phonak get another vote.     BTW Swimsonny, Could you tell us how's the Phonak compare to Tai Chi? except the 2 sounds and 3 sounds.   Also Phonak should have 3 series and which one you choose to compare with? Appreciate very much.
Thanks guys for quick reply.  A little bit comment or price would be excellent. BTW I find myself busy searching for suitable review and price XD. It takes some time. Now I heartly admire the multiple comparison reviewers.
Forgot to reserve lol   List of tunable earphones   SP51                             $ 43   Conclusion by smallville   These two new IEMs from MEEletronics are a bargain for its price. The SP51 would fit people listening to bass-heavy music, but other music sound just as good. The A151 would be my recommendation of the two though. It excels in every category except for bass quantity. The A151...
Hi guys,   I believe there should be more tunable earphones. I should summarize it for purchasing tunable earphone guide . So don't mind the price and leave some comments about the tunable earphone you know. Much appreciate.                   ---------------The project all comes from the wanting to have a tunable earphone----------   I am new here and looking for some advice. I am looking for some tunable IEM for bang of bucks under $150....
My list for sub $50   1. DUNU Trident   Great bass amount and punch for entry price, warm and quite balance sound. Pretty fun to listen to. around $40   2. Brainwavz M5   More analytical model than Trident SQ is great for the price range $46 probably. It's alternate choice of Trident
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