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I would like to recommend Phillips Fidelio X2.. you can get for
Try spend a bit more for decent in-ears.. I would like to recommend Sony N3 and Echobox X1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
if your earpieces' cables are replaceable, replace it w/ the ones w/ TRRS plug.. then, and only then, you will get the benefit. If they are not, buy new ones that are
Do not bother yourself w/ it.. It is not the way it work. You may get compatibility from 3.5 TRRS to TRS, but no benefit at all from the vice versa
Not bad for a bluetooth earphone. Sound quality is a bit higher than average and quite comfortable to use for hours. Isolation is the best part here. Sadly, either the module or the codec in the unit or in iPhone SE are lame. When the phone is set to mono, the sounds are distorted. It is clearly noticeable. Sucks here.. Going to try w/ android phones in the future. Hoping for better luck
would you please tell us, James, is this the same earbuds w/ the one bundled to M3 player? If it is not, what are the differences (except the colour)? Thank you
It is like a musical script read by a singer.. It might be written by a caligrapher or a toddler. It might be written on a glossy paper or dirty rug. No matter how bad the lyrics and notes written, how dirty the paper they were written on, as long as the messages are the same and are readable, the singer will sing the same. No matter the quality of the media (transports, cables, etc), in the end it is the "1" and "0" that matters! UNLESS, the media is very poor in quality...
On some limited cases, like sony walkman nw-zx2, I believe that it plays hi-res up to 192/24 through its native player and not through 3rd party players from play store. So, I assume (I do not have any knowledge of android programming) the native player can bypass the android's src and directly access/control the hardware (dac) to translate the hi-res digital info to the analog ones. Meanwhile all other apps (incl UAPP) stumbled upon android's src. They send the info to a...
I can see clearly now the ******** of "hi-res support".. I have had suspiciousness that all Mobile Phones claiming hi-res are actually downsampling the digital info before translating them into the analog ones. The interesting part is that people who claimed themselves audiophiles and bought the hi-res claim felt ok or satisfied w/ the sound they heard. That may prove most of us cannot differentiate the sound of hi-res from sd-res.. We just hear what we want to...
Just to make clear, if I play 192000 file.. What does happen if I set to device native and to variable rate? Sent from my E5803 using Tapatalk
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