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Very different charater between them, Senn IE800 sounds warm, refined music while GR10 sounds raw but more precise in timbre. Senn is more musical yet quite detail in presentation (so it can be considered a balance between musical and analytical) while GR10 tends to be more analytical than musical. For me, one cannot replace (or be better than) the otherSent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
What is petroleum jelly? Would you please share me a picture of it to give me an idea? Thank you
Anyone hear a whistling sound every time they are inserted and pressed into ears? My left unit do so while the right one do not. As if there is a small fistula channeling between the front and the rear chamber of the driver, so the air moves between those chambers through the fistula and create the whistling sound whenever the unit is pressed into the ear canal. Is this normal?
Hm 901 uses 3.5 mm, not 2.5 mm Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
Universal JH Roxanne.. no surprise here. But, look carefully and you will find.. THE BALANCED 2.5 mm JACK! It is produced by JHAudio itself, not 3rd party modification. Yes, Jerry will sell it in the near future. It is to be paired w/.. ASTELL & KERN AK240!!! (what else?).
 NICE!!! Thank you for the clarification.
How can you tell that those are Roxanne's and not 13Pro's drivers from the picture only? (What are the original 13Pro's like?) What is the serial for JH13 Pro, usually?
Wes mbengi, diluk ngkas subuh iki. Ayo turu, Nic!
I share exactly the same experience with you. Mine is sounded veiled & dark(or congested, in your word), and different from the open-and-bright universal demo. My guess is that it has something related to the relationship between jh13pro and the player. The impedance of the ciem and the output impedance of the player, to be particular. Mine is best (more open & clear) w/ nexus 7 2013 and bad w/ ak120 titan. I am still experimenting w/ setups and combos to find the pattern...
Yes, it is more neutral if by that you mean less bass. One more thing need to notice is the cable, which is the one of Oyaide. No more proprietary cable of fitear! Dunno this is a good or a bad thing. But, it is replaceable still, giving a chance for customizing Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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