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Is there any way for us to buy these for previously purchased amps? 
Your probably right.  I must have been in a foul mood this morning and looking through that lens.  At the time I felt defensive for Jason as I bet he gets a TON of "advice" on what to do with his products.  No harm meant.   Cheers!
I don't think anyone ever answered this... LCD-2!
  I'm not sure why this is rubbing me the wrong way and I'm not trying to call you out SP, but I would not want to respond to a post that ends this way...
For the iPhone 5 you will need the lightning to 30 pin adaptor to hook up to the Pure i20 or wadia 170i
This could be a pretty simple A/B if you connect a Mjo/Gun stack with both balanced and single ended ICs and switched the Mjolnir between SE and balanced.  You could even enlist a friend for a blind test to see if there is a placebo free difference.  
Latest audio purchase and start in analog...        
On Friday I made my leap to the world of Analog.  I'm going to have to bring the mojo and lcd-2 to the living room for a while.  I'm a little embarrassed about how sloppy things look but I have been too busy listening to organize cords and cables           
Whatever is in your budget.  I ran the Mojo from a Modi for some time while I was saving up for the Gungir.  It was a big jump when I upgraded but the Modi did pretty well for what it was.
As far as I know there is no affect on sound.  4 pin is a newer configuration that has become popular, dual 3 pin is more antiquated tech for headphones.
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