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This was posted in a respectful and appropriate context, but taken out of context this sentence is a bit of a mind bender... 
The DAC in the i20 is better than the DAC in an iPod but it will fall short of many other "stand alone" DACs.  The i20's real strength is being able to bypass the DAC in an iPod and send the signal to a better DAC.  This will make the iPod function in the same ballpark as any other digital music server.
I would buy one if they became available for consumers!
I don't think I have ever eaten a lossless sandwich...  There are always some bits left on the front of my shirt.
New album coming out from one of my favorite electronic musicians / producers on April 1st.  If any of you checked out and liked the Emancipator album that was released earlier this year this is a must listen.  Similar vein...   Bonobo - The North Borders     Video and single "Cirrus" here:  
There is an open box returned DT 1350 on Shoreline for $209
Hey Head-fi'ers   I know we want to support each-other as a community and help each other with bargain hunting, but maybe we want to use a little discretion on some of the exceptions companies like Razor-dog Deals makes.  It seems Sennheiser has been pretty harsh on their pricing restrictions and Razor-dog deals makes quite an effort to advertise that they will not take coupons on Sennheiser products while still offering discounts to individuals.  If they are in fact...
Seems like I missed the little spark of interest for a meet in December / January.  I am interested and could bring some Schiit and/or my DV 337se. I'm living down south, but would be more than willing to drive up for a meet!
Hey y'all,   I'm looking for some advice.  There is a Luxman 404 available in my neck of the woods really cheap.  I think it is too cheap to pass up even if it is a bust, but do you all have any info on the old Luxmans (mid 80's I believe).  I don't see them discussed much here...   cheers!
Hey everybody,   I don't want to be a jerk, but after catching up on the last 4-5 pages of this thread there was one thing I couldn't let slide.  That is the gratuitous use of the word "retarded."  It is an offensive word used in the context of several previous posts.  I imagine it was not any one's intention to offend...  Thanks y'all!   P.S.  still love my HD 650!
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