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Neither will trolling...
Buy any Turntable and 5 LPS and get %15 off with code: ttkit15 at http://www.insound.com.   Turntable options Includes: Rega RP1, Music Hall 2.2 & 5.1, Project Debut Carbon and Carbon USB to name a few...  
You could look into a line router.  There are cheaper options out there, but I have heard good stuff about the L1 from Mapletree Audio, plus their stuff is beautiful.   http://hollowstate.netfirms.com/otherproducts.htm  (Scroll to bottom of page)   This should not degrade the signal much if at all.
Thanks David!!!!!!
This was posted in a respectful and appropriate context, but taken out of context this sentence is a bit of a mind bender... 
The DAC in the i20 is better than the DAC in an iPod but it will fall short of many other "stand alone" DACs.  The i20's real strength is being able to bypass the DAC in an iPod and send the signal to a better DAC.  This will make the iPod function in the same ballpark as any other digital music server.
I would buy one if they became available for consumers!
I don't think I have ever eaten a lossless sandwich...  There are always some bits left on the front of my shirt.
New album coming out from one of my favorite electronic musicians / producers on April 1st.  If any of you checked out and liked the Emancipator album that was released earlier this year this is a must listen.  Similar vein...   Bonobo - The North Borders     Video and single "Cirrus" here: http://www.bonobomusic.com  
There is an open box returned DT 1350 on Shoreline for $209   http://www.shorelinemusic.com/closeouts/closeout-beyerdynamic-dt1350/
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