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I have finally reached a place of contentment with my living room rig.  That isn't to say it is done (that's half the fun!) but no immediate plans for change.  I would love to move my Mjo / Gun out there, but I get most of my head-time in bed.  I hope y'all enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy y'alls.                          Bedroom Rig Pics Coming Soon!
Is this is sarcasm?  Often hard to tell in text.  If not, thanks for the compliment!  If so, sorry to let you down about the Bayer's, but I had a great time today with the Aune, Amperex 7308 gold pin and Hd 650's.  Enjoying the music is what it's all about anyways, right?  
I just got my T1 in the mail today.  Hello office rig!  
Sharp!  The under-glow is a nice touch.
Is there any way for us to buy these for previously purchased amps? 
Your probably right.  I must have been in a foul mood this morning and looking through that lens.  At the time I felt defensive for Jason as I bet he gets a TON of "advice" on what to do with his products.  No harm meant.   Cheers!
I don't think anyone ever answered this... LCD-2!
  I'm not sure why this is rubbing me the wrong way and I'm not trying to call you out SP, but I would not want to respond to a post that ends this way...
For the iPhone 5 you will need the lightning to 30 pin adaptor to hook up to the Pure i20 or wadia 170i
This could be a pretty simple A/B if you connect a Mjo/Gun stack with both balanced and single ended ICs and switched the Mjolnir between SE and balanced.  You could even enlist a friend for a blind test to see if there is a placebo free difference.  
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