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I just joined the 250 club today.  I was one of the lucky few who got the $27 deal from Amazon on the last few in-stock pair.  I hope the rest of you who ordered get your orders honored!  They have changed the posting, but it sounds like there are a lot of people who have yet to receive order cancellations so fingers crossed...     Anyways, I had a few hours to listen to these at work today out of my Aune T1.  They sound great.  The build quality is excellent too as you...
 You can just delete the pictures or highlight them and click on the "spoiler" button (the one that looks like a square word bubble).
Music Hall MMF 5.1 + Project Speedbox > Cambridge 551p        Darkvoice 337se (lots of tubes)                                                                                          >                                                Cary Audio Designe CDP-1        Cary Audio Designe CAI-1 > Quad 11L2, HSU Research Sub                                                                                          >                                                               ...
Also, check out this thread:
I believe they are supposed to be a little more balanced in their sound sig.  From what I gather, if you want the extra punch on the low end go for the UM line.  If you are looking for more of an audiophile sound look at the Westone line.  I own the UM3X and love them but I have never heard the Westone 3s or 4s...
 Westone UM3x sound like they may fit the bill.  Also, in the future I suggest you search for one of the "help" threads pertaining to your questions.  A thread titled "I Need Help!!!!" is a little obnoxious and you may have a lot less hits and recommendations from experienced head-fiers who are sick of threads with vague titles like this.
 I think it will just run as a dual mono amp like the Woo WA2, DarkVoice 337 or LaFigaro 339
 The estimated price was $15,000 on their website.  I would be surprised of actual cost was less than that but I think you are in the ballpark!
 Are you talking to me? 
I've been waiting for this one for a while... Not to buy unfortunately, but what a beautiful and innovative product.  I can't wait to see the specs!
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