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If you are enjoying the sound without an amp at the moment, I would consider saving the $100+ towards THE amp you want for the LCD-2.  If you gotta have something now (no judgement, been there many times ) The O2 has been recommended a lot, although I have never heard it.  I have listened to my Lcd-2 through an Asgard 1, E17 and E12.  Of the three I think I would recommend the E12 with price factored in.  I didn't think any of these three did the LCD-2 justice though....
In hopes to get this thread back on track, I would like to express, as many have before me, that the customer service from Schiit is second to none.  I  had two questions for Jason over the last couple days.  Both times I got a response in less than 2 min.  The second question I emailed earlier today and I'm still am not quite sure I hit send before Jason responded.  It was like some sort of time warp...  Anyways. I couldn't be happier with my Schiit at the moment and am...
  Thanks for the compliment! I would love to move my Gungir out there but I just can't seem to pry it way from the bedside.  The Asgard is mostly there for aesthetics as the pile of Schiit blocks a mess of cables behind the rack.  A DAC upgrade is on the list but a step or two down from some nice towers.
Here is my living room rig (minus the HD 650)                                             
Sorry about posting so much recently but there have been a lot of shifts in the system.  I decided to move the DV into the living room and shifted things around.  I think this is it for the living room for quite a while .  All HP listening through the Senn. HD 650.  On rare occasions I bring out the Mjo and LCD-2.2 for a change.                            
There is a pair of MDR-10s on the market in Europe via Adiogon.
Not sure where the exact quote is, but Jason made it pretty clear a while ago that he would never put an amp and DAC in the same unit.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...
Love the posters!  May I ask where you tracked those down?
I got that from someone else Head-fi.  I wish I could remember where so I could give credit where credit is due.  I hole-punched circles of blue electrical tape. Now they match the rest of my gear too!
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