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So who won?
Thanks for the heads-up.  At least I got a little taste.  I wonder where the power switch will be if the taps are on the left (from the front)? 
I bet it is just because it is a pre-production model.  I would be surprised if they went away from the signature finish,.. Now come on people, SHOW ME THAT BUTT!  
Can any RMAFers try to get a butt shot of that bad boy?  I would love to see the speaker taps and input configuration...
Welcome Peter!  You may want to update your profile photo... Your advertising for the other guys!  
 I am certainly not the expert in closed cans, but a couple questions that may help get you closer...  1) Are they primarily for home or portable use? 2) Are you planning on using an amp?  If so, which one? 3) Have you considered Beats By Dre Studios? JK on question 3   
  I don't think your question ever got answered, but if I missed it, my bad!  Yes you can run 3 amps simultaniously off the Gungir ( XLR, 2 RCA).  I have mine hoked up to Mujlnir, and i2 other amps.  I run multiple at the same time quite often.
 Why don't you tell us how you really feel...
 I have listeed to that combo before.  I thought it sounded great!  The brightness of the T1 gave a nice kick to the 650.
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