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Upgraded the speakers in my main system last week!!!!          
I'm engaged actually, but the bedside rig existed before we lived together.  She has her nightstand and I have mine haha.  The living room has a little more WAF,  I find you can get away with a lot more if you keep it neat (especially hiding cables and wiring!)  Mostly, my lady is incredibly tolerant and a keeper for sure!!!!!! 
I moved about a year ago and not sure if I've posted anything from the new place.  Here's the bedside  rig:
What if you alternated the black and silver shelves?  The two shelf silver on bottom, than black, silver, black? It may give it a more cohesive feel...  Beautiful system!
I'm sure this is not the case for most head-fiers, but you of all people can appreciate cosmetics.  Look at the stunning headphone stand in your profile pic.  Form is almost as important as function and of you are sending what many of us are on our rigs you should get both!
The carbon fiber finish looks Awesome!
Congratulations!  And thanks to Moon Audio for the contest!
My mistake. I thought it was 12:30
So who won?
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