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Dual mono highbred headlamp and preamp.  Sounds fantastic and packs a ton of power.  There are some great threads on this classic amp.  The amp has a few small chips in the enamel and the tube cage is missing but it is still attractive and sounds as good as the day it was made.  I am including several pairs of tubes too.  All tubes tested new on a Sencore Mighty Mite V tester on 7/20/16   1 pair JAN Tung Sol 5998  1 pair RCA 6as7g 1 pair Amperex bagel boy mesh plate...
Summer Updates:   Wen't to Steely Dan and Steve Winwood on Monday.  Both still sound fantastic!   7/2 - Thievery Corp 7/3 - Dead and Co. 8/3 - LCD Soundsystem 8/19 - Poolside 9/2-4 - Phish Dicks 9/9-10 - STS9
LCD Red Rocks Phish Dicks floor x 3 Richard Cheese at the boulder Theater next week Probably both nights of STS9 at red Rocks in September
Scored some LCD Sound System tickets for this summer!!
That's awesome!  I bought a bunch of Benevento Russo Duo shows back in the day.  I gotta get out to hear JRAD
Sector 9 was rocking this weekend! They sound great with the new bassist.  She is much funkier than Murph and honestly I have some long standing personal beef with that guy which is part of why I stopped seeing them for a while. Worth checking out some recent shows if anyone likes electronic jam.     For setup preferences I like listening to phish SBDs with my LCD-2/Mjulnir combo.  For older dead and audience recordings I prefer my HD-650 from my vintage kenwood or...
I'm also spoiled from Phish and find it frustrating to have to wait more than 20 min after the show for my SBD download to be ready haha.  I did the webcast for the first night of Mexico and have listened to the other 2.  Looked like a blast!  My wife isn't really into Phish so had to pass that one up.  Meeting up with my friend who was down there for the show tonight and hoping he grabbed me some swag.   Any of you all into posters? I have to admit I'm "that guy"... 
And holy Harpua at Sunday Dick's last year!  Dick's has been a great run of Phish shows... The "S" set, the "F*** your face" show, "Most Shows Spell Something" and "Lushington"  then they seem to be getting away with the setlist spelling games until the "Thank You" encore... Mind Blown
I'll be at Dick's just like the last 15 times they played there haha.  I'd love to do wrigley but don't think I'm seeing more than three this year.  Going to STS9 at the Fillmore in Denver tonight though
Office set-up for the time being... Beyerdynamic  DT-250 250ohm driven by FiiO E12 (pre production model with "audiophile" base boost)    
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