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You can buy a switch, often called a line router.   Mapletree makes a very nice one that you would never feel the need to upgrade: But I am sure you would do just fine with a mono price or something similar for much less money:
St Germain 
So I have been absent from Head-Fi for a while... Seems like Multibit is the real deal huh? Anyone send in a Gungir for upgrade or do a side-by-side comparison and have thoughts on the difference?
In the USA it is one of three songs: "A Wonderful Christmas Time" by Wings, Mariah Cary's "All I Want for Christmas is You" or every R&B Singer Ever's version of "This Christmas"  haha
Indigo girls
How do the EF80s sound with the adaptor on the 339?  Sadly I unloaded all my 5998s and 6as7G RCAs I had.  I do have a hearty stash of the Amperex silver mesh plate bugle boys that I love.  It would be a shame to unload these if they make a good driver tube on the 339 should I choose to grab one someday.  Especially since there hasn't been much interest in my attempts to sell here or on eBay.  Are there much better options or do these still hold up on the 339?
I couldn't make the Red Rocks Warren Haynes GD Symphonic so I'm Jealous!  LCD was incredible though and still holding on to a lot of tickets for the end of summer.  Can't wait for Phish Dick's!!!
Large batch of NOS EF80/6BX6 Tubes. All were backups for my now sold Darkvoice 337se and never used.  Tested new (over 100) on Sencore Mighty Mite Tube tester on 7/20/2016.     8 x Amprex Mesh-screen "Bugleboys"  EF80/6BX6 3 x Amperex Mesh-screen  EF80/6BX6 2 x Telefunkin  EF80/6BX6 2 x Mullard  EF80/6BX6   Thanks for looking!
Thanks! Crazy how much those 5998's have gone up. I decided to unload as storage space is a premium in my small home haha. For-sale forum here I come! 
5 pair of new testing vintage Stereo Tubes!:   1 Pair Tung-Sol 5998w/ top Getter 1 Pair JAN-CTL (Tung-Sol) 5998 W/ Top AND Bottom Getter 1 Pair 1957 RCA 6AS7G w/ Top Getter, Original Boxes included 1 Pair RAC Jan-CRC 6AS7G w/ Top Getter 1 Pair 1960 RCA 6AS7G w/ Top Getter   All were back-up tubes for my Darkvoice 337se Headphone/pre-amp.  Tubes tested on Sencore Mighty Mite V on 7/20/16.  No Leaks, No Shorts and all testing...
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